How To Avoid Procrastination As An Artist: Infinite Intelligence And The Ego’s Muse

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The Procrastinating Artist: On Ego, Muse and Self-Deception I always enjoyed watching interviews of my favourite artists. I came to understand their process, the way they work. Viewing these interviews from a young age and impressionable eyes, I always admired how all artists were excited to showcase and discuss their work. As I watched more, …


Why I Admire The US Navy Seals

Us navy seals insignia

US Navy Seals Do you know of the US Navy Seals? People that know of them may see them almost in a caricature view. They are almost fictitious in their discipline, attitude and overall sense of values. Navy Seals are often displayed as heroes. Seals are a common theme for video games and army films. …

What I Learned From Haidt’s Book: “The Righteous Mind” On Politics and Religion


I believe that the greatest divide between politics and intellectual discourse between people has never been completely polar opposites. Everyone is incredibly invested in their “team.” Politics is an incredibly expansive and bold topic to cover today. People are highly reflexive about their position and it's a very touchy subject for most. You see it …


Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way And Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching: On Essence And Becoming Child-Like

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One of the most important concepts I've learned in the esoteric philosophy via Gurdjieff, a spiritual teacher, is the concept of there being many I's. This concept has a few aspects to it. Throughout one's life, we presumably acquire likes and dislikes. Not only do we experience this through a lifetime but even within a day. …


Truth And Reality As A Principle Virtue Of Man

Most forms of masculinity are in flux and often debated today. The goalposts of masculinity keep shifting. These are my thoughts about one aspect of manhood that should remain. A simple kernel of virtue, with a philosophical bent. Truth As Virtue A man must be in constant pursuit of truth or reality, in constant observance and pursuit …


Escape The Dream World: Comfort Is The Nemesis


Get Uncomfortable and Keep Moving Forward Stepping out of one's comfort zone can prove to be a worthwhile cause. I find the average lifestyle is lived to the level where luxury, immediate gratification, satiety and comfort take a front seat. I see the average lifestyle as decadent, thrill-seeking, lazy and of without a sense of …


Epictetus: Art Of Living: Happiness Can Only Be Found Within


Often times we take the quote “Happiness Can Only Be Found Within” as a cliché, but it is brought up in discussion of how to live a good life and philosophical discussion. I think Epictetus' Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue on Happiness and Effectiveness lays it down in a simple and eloquent …


How To “Corrupt The Youth” Using Philosophy

It is often said that history repeats itself. As well as the notion that there is nothing new (technology). It is with an acceptance that I kind of agree with these clichés. It is in most of daily life I have come realize this. I am not certain if it is a sign of age, …


Time is Not For Wasting – Make The Best Of Use It

Manly Hall

Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author and mystic. He is best known for his 1928 work The Secret Teachings of All Ages. If you ever had the problem of procrastination not being able to get through to the goals and activities that you wish to be done, …


How Eastern Philosophy Can Help Your Art And Craft

Attachment, is when you are in situation you can not let go, a feeling that tugs on you. When you love something you have to be able to let it go. There’s a confidence you can gain from exercising non-attachment. People often become attached to ideology, without questioning. They do not study their own culture, …


Keep Your Goals On Your Mind At All Times

top of the mountain goals

Keeping your goals on your mind at all times, you are making a conscious decision to control your thoughts. It is synonymous with having discipline. Keeping control and track of your mind is far more challenging and rewarding then just going through the motions and being easily influenced from external circumstance, it is empowering. This …