Ottawa Dubstep Artist/Producer: BLU3 BL00D – “Past Is Death” Album

BLU3 BL00D Venezuelan (currently in Ottawa) Bass Musician, Hip Hop Beatmaker and working as audio engineer since 2007 (Ciudad Guayana). I rarely review, but here I will review a producer in my City, Ottawa - in support. Past is Death (2014) Hysterical Silence opens with a passage of dark hued atmospherics and brightened upon and built … Continue reading Ottawa Dubstep Artist/Producer: BLU3 BL00D – “Past Is Death” Album

The New Piano LP – Now Available

As promised , I have created and release a full piano LP, titled “Gift”. It is 15 tracks and a bonus track. This is the bandcamp page: I studied piano in my youth. Soaring, excelling and skipping piano grades. I was captivated by piano compositions and viewed reading sheet music as a video game. In … Continue reading The New Piano LP – Now Available

How I Remixed Encephalon

If you don’t know Encepahlon you should check them out they are an Electro-Industrial Group here in my city of Ottawa. I found them through souncloud , searching for similar minded artists and looking for people to potentially to collaborate with, have an exchange with. The first track I heard from them was “A Lifetime of … Continue reading How I Remixed Encephalon

Klomb – The Musical Writing Process

"Klomb" is a cosmic paradox of ancient futurism. These are the remnants of a spiritual nomad, a metaphysical journey that were channeled where time periods and space had collided. There are layers on top of one another, as it always has been. Schools of thought, technologies and organisms have intertwined and evolved in life creating … Continue reading Klomb – The Musical Writing Process