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How To Create Visuals For Electronic Music Mixes, Tracks And Sets

The music is booming, the people are screaming and cheering, the lights and lasers are penetrating, the fog is fogging, the people are ecstatic, but there are no visuals? In a lot of electronic music you will visuals set up on the screen. On the screen there can be numerous things that are coinciding with […]

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How To Use The Circle Of Fifths For Electronica Music

Background When I started making music at a very young age I had no real idea how music was created. I started around 13 years of age. I gradually learned my way around. Picked up some piano lessons. I learned a lot of classical piano material but I wondered how this was going to help […]

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Klomb Remix – Oculus Obelisk – (Solitary Signal Remix) – Psytrance

I forgot to share this remix from last year. This is a remix created by a fellow Canadian from the West Coast, Solitary Signal. He asked me if he could remix a track of mine. And when he told me his idea, he said he wanted to do something “Juno Reactor” like, I instantly gave […]

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How I Remixed deadmau5 – Phantoms Can’t Hang

How I Remixed deadmau5 – Phantoms Can’t Hang – (Nova Spire Remix) I really dig deadmau5. Specifically for this track and some of his new album. Fantastic mixing skills. When I compare tracks to other professional producers I still prefer the way he renders his sound. It’s pretty inspiring to me. So I did a […]

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Klomb LP 2014 On Youtube

Klomb LP 2014 Now Available On Youtube: “Klomb” is a cosmic paradox of ancient futurism. These are the remnants of a spiritual nomad, a metaphysical journey that were channeled where time periods and space had collided. There are layers on top of one another, as it always has been. Schools of thought, technologies and organisms […]

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Nova Spire’s Message To All Artists

If anyone knows my goals of 2013 and how I surpassed my musical quotas, they understand how I am fully entrenched in my music. It was a matter of quantity just as much as it was about quality. People might say that it is passion, I say it is obsessive, some say madness. It doesn’t […]

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Nova Spire – Visions – A Cinematic/IDM EP

What I wanted to do was to create a short IDM/Braindance mini EP to showcase my musical technique and styling. It is highly influenced by Squarepusher and Aphex Twin material. I wanted to create a spectacle. Thematically there is something which connects all these tracks. A lot on this EP is related to aesthetics and uncovering textures that […]