New Track: Encephalon Limb From Limb. Electro Industrial Compilation

Encephalon Terminus Festival Electronica Industrial

  Encephalon has released a new track for Electronic Saviors IV: Retaliation. It's a compilation record of electronic and industrial music featuring various artists. Give it up for Ottawa's Music! The track opens with a seemingly basic yet infectious bass line. There's a blend between synthetic and acoustic drum sounds. As the bassline progresses …


Klomb – Infidel Remixes – A Collection Of Mixes And Remixes – Psytrance – Techno – Industrial

ethnic-industrial-klomb-cover-art Ottawa Canada Music

Klomb – Infidel Remixes is a collection of Mixes and Remixes. Some are remixes of some tracks I made on Klomb. These mixes serve as completely alternate versions of an idea, or just another examination of the track with different structure and motives. The remixes include the remix I did of Wychdoktor and more. It also …

Klomb Remix – Oculus Obelisk – (Solitary Signal Remix) – Psytrance

I forgot to share this remix from last year. This is a remix created by a fellow Canadian from the West Coast, Solitary Signal. He asked me if he could remix a track of mine. And when he told me his idea, he said he wanted to do something “Juno Reactor” like, I instantly gave …