How To Deal With Antagonism Of Creative Work

Often times people can easily fall to a spiraling depths of negativity. Sometimes we stumble against our own minds. Other times negativity is usually found in the environment. Negative people are not worth your time. They will undermine everything you do. Steering your path for themselves. It's best to keep track of your goals as …


How to Improve Your Music Making Workflow In FL Studio

fl studio logo - nova spire electronica music production tips

These are some my tips that I commonly use in my workflow that always boost my workflow. It makes everything flow smoother. A lot of these come down to shortcuts and other tools. Some of these bits of advice can be found on different DAW but you will have to discover your specific DAW. I've …

How To Be More Inspired, Creative and Productive

Get More Productive. Produce more than ever. I leave one message behind for all artists, no matter what your craft, no matter what it is you do. You must always produce more than you consume. That is how an artist should be. It may sound selfish, but it is worth it. Produce more than you …


Why I Admire The US Navy Seals

Us navy seals insignia

US Navy Seals Do you know of the US Navy Seals? People that know of them may see them almost in a caricature view. They are almost fictitious in their discipline, attitude and overall sense of values. Navy Seals are often displayed as heroes. Seals are a common theme for video games and army films. …


Living With Tinnitus As A Musician/Producer

Around 2006, I notice strange sensations in my right ear. “What is this?” The first time I heard it I was creating music on headphones and I was beefing up the low-end of a snare. I was receiving a weird crackling in my right ear. I said to my self, I don't remember putting an …


Lazy People Think Fitness Is Solely For Vanity – The Real Effects Of Fitness


When you can access people’s limiting beliefs and their excuses to life you can understand someone really well. Your attitude is essential in keeping to your goals. Excuses that come out of a person a 100 miles a minute are not worth listening to. “You can’t” “You won’t” “I don’t think I can” People think …


On Negativity, Self-Talk and Criticism


All is mind and mind is all. Often times people can easily fall to a swirling depths of negativity. Sometimes we stumble against our own minds. Other times negativity is usually found in the environment. It’s an unfortunate that there is no mind management classes in early education. It’s probably harder to learn as one …


How Eastern Philosophy Can Help Your Art And Craft

Attachment, is when you are in situation you can not let go, a feeling that tugs on you. When you love something you have to be able to let it go. There’s a confidence you can gain from exercising non-attachment. People often become attached to ideology, without questioning. They do not study their own culture, …


Gather Inspiration From Everywhere

A true artist can find anything compelling. Anything can be interesting. Boredom is often a term expelled by those that are boring. I'm looking at the textures of my closet door, they are rippled, white and they remind me of throwing stones into a pond, the way the waves ripple and echo. It is pleasing …