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Living With Tinnitus As A Musician/Producer

Around 2006, I notice strange sensations in my right ear. “What is this?” The first time I heard it I was creating music on headphones and I was beefing up the low-end of a snare. I was receiving a weird crackling in my right ear. I said to my self, I don’t remember putting an […]

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Spiritual Worlds: Lesage and Max Hattler

Augustin Lesage. Symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World I don’t know what is about Lesage that “speaks to me”. But it simply does. It is said that he heard voices in his 30’s telling him that he will become a painter. And that they influenced him in choosing the colours, the patterns, forms of his […]

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Getting Into A Flow State

I know when I’m in a flow state, through experience I get that.  I can usually tell when I have just hit it. This goes for so many different moments in life, not only making music. Yet there is a paradox of the flow state. You lose track of time. When you are done, you […]