How To Meet Musicians And Artists In Your Area

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Sometimes you need to bounce off ideas from new people, new friends and new musicians. Start off with a clean slate. If you feel like you are stagnating you may need to meet some new musicians. Perhaps moving and getting to know new people with new sets of ideas and views can help. One thing …


How To Create Visuals For Electronic Music Mixes, Tracks And Sets

The music is booming, the people are screaming and cheering, the lights and lasers are penetrating, the fog is fogging, the people are ecstatic, but there are no visuals? In a lot of electronic music you will visuals set up on the screen. On the screen there can be numerous things that are coinciding with …

How To Use The Circle Of Fifths For Electronica Music

Circle of fifths for electronica music

Background When I started making music at a very young age I had no real idea how music was created. I started around 13 years of age. I gradually learned my way around. Picked up some piano lessons. I learned a lot of classical piano material but I wondered how this was going to help …


How to Improve Your Music Making Workflow In FL Studio

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These are some my tips that I commonly use in my workflow that always boost my workflow. It makes everything flow smoother. A lot of these come down to shortcuts and other tools. Some of these bits of advice can be found on different DAW but you will have to discover your specific DAW. I've …


The Road To Self Improvement Is A Lone Wolfs Game

Spartan With A Sword Defending With A Shield

The tumbleweed blows through the desert and it’s only you standing before your mission. No one is there to greet you in the early morning of your grind. No one sees the countless hours of practice. what they have is the last photos of you. the photo op you leave on an Instagram on a …


How To Avoid Procrastination As An Artist: Infinite Intelligence And The Ego’s Muse

top of the mountain goals

The Procrastinating Artist: On Ego, Muse and Self-Deception I always enjoyed watching interviews of my favourite artists. I came to understand their process, the way they work. Viewing these interviews from a young age and impressionable eyes, I always admired how all artists were excited to showcase and discuss their work. As I watched more, …


Understanding The Frequency Spectrum: The Art Of Mixing (Video)

Frequency coloured spectrum color colours and frequencies

Spectrum One way to begin to comprehend and interpret sounds and their frequency range is by selecting sounds in your everyday life. Select the sound in your everyday life and interpret the sound and determine whether it's in the Sub-woofer territory Below 80hz for example. Does it have more of a thump around 100-300hz. More …


Opening The Doors Of Creativity With Terence McKenna


Terence Mckenna is a compelling speaker. Some people enjoy the way he speaks, some do not. What I do love about his lectures, is his ability to articulate his ideas and his tremendous lexicon of words. He has a certain rhythm, that he tends to keep with his wording, I feel it is intentional. Most of his …


How To Force Creativity – In The Moment You Need It

It’s become a cliche of artists to not force creativity. I strongly believe you can force creativity. Countless times, when working on some kind of endeavor I find myself looking at the clock in the end wondering how I finished and interesting piece of work. I think you can force creativity, most definitely. But like …


Gather Inspiration From Everywhere

A true artist can find anything compelling. Anything can be interesting. Boredom is often a term expelled by those that are boring. I'm looking at the textures of my closet door, they are rippled, white and they remind me of throwing stones into a pond, the way the waves ripple and echo. It is pleasing …


How To Come Up With An Artist Name

What’s in a name? A hell of a lot. Given names affect how people perceive you, so it should not stop at an artist name. I write this tongue in cheek, but I think there should be purpose behind your artist name. An artist should get that perception is everything, so they should be inclined to …


The High Energy Protons – New Synthwave LP

Once again I have released a new LP on bandcamp! Yes, it is a reference to a Juno Reactor track as The High Energy Protons! I wanted to go for an 80's feel with a loosely based storyline. I used elements of 80's synths that appeal to me and I added different techniques. Compared to …


How To Come Up With New Song Ideas For Electronica/EDM music

Electroni music flowchart meme joke

How To Come Up With New Song Ideas This is for the electronic music producers (EDM) starting out, for the novice and intermediates alike. Some people wonder where I get so many song ideas. I don't always have a set formula when I'm creating and sometimes I do but after so much trial and error, …


A Joe Rogan Dream Lesson

I'm not superstitious when it comes to dreams but I do believe we can grasp thoughts that are stirring within our subconscious, many ancients and tribes believed they carried and served as premonitions of future experiences. Dreams can represent our subconscious symbolically. I think dreams are attempting to reorganize our ideas and they can be used …


Musical Addiction, Lunacy and Perspective

My music programs are always running and open all day long. I have withdrawal symptoms when I'm not at my desk. I feel I have gotten to the point where I have a dependency with a surge of dopamine, there is definitely a reward mechanism working here. It has become an addictive pattern, I'm just …