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How To Use The Circle Of Fifths For Electronica Music

Background When I started making music at a very young age I had no real idea how music was created. I started around 13 years of age. I gradually learned my way around. Picked up some piano lessons. I learned a lot of classical piano material but I wondered how this was going to help […]

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How To Reproduce The Tape Stop Effect In FL Studio

The tape stop effect is very common in electronic music and pop today.

The way I hear it in music, it can be used to add fun, and a sense of drama to a track.

As if it to say, the track has stopped – no it hasn’t. And it continues.

There are multiple ways you can reproduce a tape stop effect on fl studio
you can use a tape stop effect in fl studio in multiple ways.


Electronic and EDM Music in Ottawa, Canada

There’s actually a lot of interesting EDM music and artists in Ottawa, Canada. There is either an aspect of musicality or music production I appreciate. Apart from myself, there are plenty of sounds I’m really digging in my area, whether its through friends or acquaintances. People that I’ve discovered live or checked out online at […]

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Ottawa Dubstep Artist/Producer: BLU3 BL00D – “Past Is Death” Album

BLU3 BL00D Venezuelan (currently in Ottawa) Bass Musician, Hip Hop Beatmaker and working as audio engineer since 2007 (Ciudad Guayana). I rarely review, but here I will review a producer in my City, Ottawa – in support. Past is Death (2014) Hysterical Silence opens with a passage of dark hued atmospherics and brightened upon and built […]

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How I Remixed Meshuggah’s Rational Gaze

Every once in a while I like to throw a Monkey Wrench into everything. Meshuggah is a swedish extreme metal band and I decided to remix their work. Their rhythms and weird time signatures have always been a source of inspiration for me, so I decided to remix them. This is how I remixed Rational […]

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Juno Reactor – Tempest – Nova Spire Remix

The Golden Sun Of The Great East is the 8th Juno Reactor Studio album. The album further hones the exotic mix of surging trance beats, cinematic vision and lustrous world music flavors which characterized its predecessors, from propulsive turbo-opener ‘Final Frontier’ to evocative satellite serenade finale ‘Playing With Fire’ and its panoramic chorale of synths, […]