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How To Tighten Up The Kickdrum For Electronic Music: Compression, Layering and EQ

One of the critical elements of electronic music is the Kick drum. Most modern electronic music typically has a 4-on-Floor vibe to it. This is true for Electro-House, Techno, Trance and many more EDM genres. So many different styles of electronics use this ingredient. From tr-808 drum machines to 909’s the boom-boom-boom-boom backbone electronic music is […]


My Favourite Free Vst Effects To Use In FL Studio

I am currently using FL Studio 11. However, these effects can be used for all kinds of Digital Audio Workstations. All using VST .dll’s. These are third party plug ins that are easy and fun to use, they are just grand. Worth every megabyte. I also decided to write about this topic because I was getting […]