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NEW MUSIC: Deus – My Piano and Classical Music Inspired 42-Track Album Compilation

NEW MUSIC: Deus – My Piano and Classical Music Inspired 42-Track Album Compilation

Deus is my piano and classical music inspired compilation I’ve created over the years. Deus consists of 42 tracks. They range in style from with Baroque with it’s harpsichords and musical ornamentation to more contemporary sounding piano for film scores.

Deus has some tracks with just piano and other’s are more intentional, dramatic, with strings and brass to paint an image in to the mind. Continue reading

How I Created The Devil’s Waltz To Test My Creativity

How I Created The Devil’s Waltz To Test My Creativity

In 2008 I decided to challenge myself by creating waltz music. Around this time, I was experimenting a lot with harsher electronic sounds. This was a different aspect of my music, I wanted to broaden my brush and just expand and explore new creative territory. I always enjoy challenging myself with different genres and styles. … Continue reading

Classical and Original Music of Nicaragua

I was taking a ride in my fathers car and he had a fantastic mix CD from a while ago. I’ve always enjoyed assortment of rhythms and style and this mix was no exception. It had mostly recent salsa music but it also had classical music from artists from my original country, Nicaragua. It was quite … Continue reading

My New Piano Album LP – Cover Art

In April, I will be releasing an all piano album. This piano has homages, dedications and mixtures and my interpretations of classical-era as well as romantic period. It is highly fragmented, stylistically. These piano pieces are a collection of over a year. I created it in order to challenge myself to reach new islands of creativity. … Continue reading

How to Gain Artistic Momentum

After my message for all artists, people were left wondering how I produce more than I consume. I’ll call it Artistic momentum. That is what I have been calling it. Easily put, this is the law of inertia. It is a matter of making it a habit. No Excuses. One thing usually leads to another. … Continue reading

Transcendental Musical Spaces + Beethoven Challenge

I am most inspired by classical musicians these days, despite being so enthused by electronic music. It appears electronic music is taking a back seat even for people like Daft Punk, using live instrumentation prominently on their new record. It always seemed to me the most interesting aspects of electronic music still had elements of emotion to … Continue reading