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NEW ALBUM: Acidchains (2016) Ottawa Music [Electronica, IDM, Synthpop]

Acidchains Acidchains is a pseudonym. Acidchains is 21st Century Rave-pop music. I started of writing under the alias Acidchains title around Spring 2014 and I had more than 50 tracks set.

I uploaded a bunch of tracks on acidchains soundcloud. Originally, I didn’t want to share anyone. I requested genuine feedback from the public and not from people I know. I wanted to keep it to myself. But I decided to share it anyway.


Aphex Twin – Syro – minipops 67 [120.2][Source Field Mix] Lyrics

minipops 67 [120.2][Source Field Mix] Come see it, shake my hand Why’d you breathe up this, Marijuana? Throw some DMT together, here We’re gonna just entertain, some Burn to the point We’ll find a big sky (Oh!), you’ll find our victory Burn through calyx, go there Theres a big free spirit in here Eyes Free guy?! […]

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Creating A Massive Synthesizer Patch Collection

These are some of the titles I have in my personal NI Massive Synthesizer Folder. Just a slice of the wild things happening at Nova Spire cosmic studios. These patches were inspired by several artists such as: AFX (Aphex Twin), Juno Reactor, Encephalon, Skinny Puppy, Hans Zimmer, Trent Reznor, Delia Derbyshire, Deadmau5 and Many More! I even threw […]

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Aphex Twin – New Album “Syro” – Sneak Peak

Aphex Twin aka Teacher, returns with his new album Syro. Though fans that have been following him for a while know there’s always new music cooking. The interent exploded with his highly-esteemed 13-years-in-wait release, I’ve already suspected two of Aphex Twin’s track according to Warp records dubbing Track 1, on the Album “The Manchester Track” […]

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Top Most Influential Electronic Music Artists

Top Most Influential Electronic Music Artists Here I have laid a stream of Artists that I believe have impacted and had a large influence on electronic music culture as well as effecting other future artists. In no particular order. Delia Derbyshire Delia Derbyshire contribution to electronic music, avant garde music and artists today is compelling. […]

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Nova Spire – Visions – A Cinematic/IDM EP

What I wanted to do was to create a short IDM/Braindance mini EP to showcase my musical technique and styling. It is highly influenced by Squarepusher and Aphex Twin material. I wanted to create a spectacle. Thematically there is something which connects all these tracks. A lot on this EP is related to aesthetics and uncovering textures that […]

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How I Remixed The Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin Remixes I always have drawn inspiration Aphex Twin. That is no question. I still believe with his Druqks LP it sometimes may be overlooked and often argued it wasn’t as good as his earlier material. But I find there’s so much to look into musically. I have done several remixes on Aphex Twin material without using […]


Nova Spire – Aesthete (2014) – Ambient Album

This is an Ambient/ Downtempo/ Chillout Double-Album. Imbued from the most distant recess of space, imagination and various dreams, adventures and different forms of altered states of consciousness . This is the Calm Before The Storm… Runtime: 139 minutes. Aesthete On Bandcamp    Clocking in at 139 it is no small feat. It is my […]