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Jordan B. Peterson Meditation Music – Life Is Suffering (Nova Spire Ambient Mix)

I decided to use Jordan B Peterson words as a meditative sequence with some ambient music of mine. Hopefully, people enjoy it. May it let you reach a proper headspace to Sort Yourself Out! Dr. Jordan B Peterson has been a dishwasher, gas jockey, bartender, short-order cook, beekeeper, oil derrick bit re-tipper, plywood mill labourer […]

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How To Avoid Procrastination As An Artist: Infinite Intelligence And The Ego’s Muse

The Procrastinating Artist: On Ego, Muse and Self-Deception I always enjoyed watching interviews of my favourite artists. I came to understand their process, the way they work. Viewing these interviews from a young age and impressionable eyes, I always admired how all artists were excited to showcase and discuss their work. As I watched more, […]

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Klomb II (2015) – New Release Now Available – Electronica, Ethnic/Fusion, Industrial

Klomb II  (2015) – New Release Now Available – Electronica, Ethnic/Fusion, Industrial Youtube:  Finally. Now Announcing. I will be releasing my second and final installment as Klomb June 24th. Where I think the first one has feminine qualities to it, this one will be a definite more physical, and masculine. I believe it to […]

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Under Training vs. Over Training And The “No Pain No Gain” Mentality

After doing a routine for a long while, the grind becomes repetitive and variety feels like it gets a hold of you. But though your routine is set in stone, there’s always room evolving and modifying segments that can help in feeling a pump. For myself, I found that working the Shoulder (Deltoids) the muscles […]

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Don’t Get Desperate For Ideas: On Sprezzatura And Wu Wei

Do not get desperate for ideas. Thinking of something tremendous to roll out. Convince yourself that not everything has to be nobel prize winning material. Do something. Anything. A little bit helps in laying bricks for achievement. There are a lot of things that you can do to open your mind and get your mind […]

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Living With Tinnitus As A Musician/Producer

Around 2006, I notice strange sensations in my right ear. “What is this?” The first time I heard it I was creating music on headphones and I was beefing up the low-end of a snare. I was receiving a weird crackling in my right ear. I said to my self, I don’t remember putting an […]

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Planned Obsolescence of Consumer Goods

Products were once made to last. You understood the length and value of your dollar. I’d argue people today are materialistic and consumer based with the products that break down quick. I think it’s for a number of reasons. First, I think it’s used as a distraction and an escape. People are denying their death. […]

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Epictetus: Art Of Living: Happiness Can Only Be Found Within

Often times we take the quote “Happiness Can Only Be Found Within” as a cliché, but it is brought up in discussion of how to live a good life and philosophical discussion. I think Epictetus’ Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue on Happiness and Effectiveness lays it down in a simple and eloquent […]

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Inflammation Is The Culprit Of Most Diseases

Inflammation is the culprit. Recent studies have shown that one of the biggest mechanisms, culprits and factors of disease and general bad health is due to inflammation. The easy way of looking at inflammation, is seeing it as something that swells within your body. Your body is responding to activity in the body to protect itself, but […]

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How Physical Activity Can Help Moodiness

Life has it’s ups and downs. People handle it differently and it shows. Some people wallop when they are chased by waves in the storm while, others sail and coast along the wave. There can’t be much separating these kinds of people. Knowledge is perhaps the leading factor. When I say knowledge I mean knowledge […]

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How To “Corrupt The Youth” Using Philosophy

It is often said that history repeats itself. As well as the notion that there is nothing new (technology). It is with an acceptance that I kind of agree with these clichés. It is in most of daily life I have come realize this. I am not certain if it is a sign of age, […]

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Time is Not For Wasting – Make The Best Of Use It

Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author and mystic. He is best known for his 1928 work The Secret Teachings of All Ages. If you ever had the problem of procrastination not being able to get through to the goals and activities that you wish to be done, […]

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How To Build A Positive Identity And Have A Creative Edge

  Escape vs. Exploring  There are two ways to look at people with drive. One is a passive and the other is definitely more active. The difference between the two is expression, attitudes and having a common goal.  Escape or escapism is a very prevalent method of coping, adjusting, ignoring all of one’s internal self, limitations, […]

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Getting Into A Flow State

I know when I’m in a flow state, through experience I get that.  I can usually tell when I have just hit it. This goes for so many different moments in life, not only making music. Yet there is a paradox of the flow state. You lose track of time. When you are done, you […]

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Time to get Pumped: Music Study

Fitness and Music are a big part of my life. I’m always banging something out. Whether that be banging some keys, a dumbbell, guitar or a barbell something is always moving. I’m always attempting to improve myself in one of these aspects. Recently, a study came out saying what most people that are fanatical about […]

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On Embracing New Ideas

Earlier, I’ve been interpreting what I think makes an authentic artist here and here. These are my thoughts on this. And it it a continuation from this post. The Authentic Artist has a constant IV drip of novel ideas being inseminated into his mind via people and their books, blogs or videos. A book are thoughts […]

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Keep Your Goals On Your Mind At All Times

Keeping your goals on your mind at all times, you are making a conscious decision to control your thoughts. It is synonymous with having discipline. Keeping control and track of your mind is far more challenging and rewarding then just going through the motions and being easily influenced from external circumstance, it is empowering. This […]

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Nova Spire’s Message To All Artists

If anyone knows my goals of 2013 and how I surpassed my musical quotas, they understand how I am fully entrenched in my music. It was a matter of quantity just as much as it was about quality. People might say that it is passion, I say it is obsessive, some say madness. It doesn’t […]