Why Are Artists Typically Left and Politically Liberal

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It's commonly opined that artists, whether musical or visual artist or any art related field is commonly thought to be politically leaning Liberal Left.  I believe the majority of Artists today are the Liberal left. This can be for many reasons. If you study it closely and understand the differences between the political spectrum you …


NEW MUSIC: Deus – My Piano and Classical Music Inspired 42-Track Album Compilation

Deus piano music art cover ottawa canada artist

Deus is my piano and classical music inspired compilation I've created over the years. Deus consists of 42 tracks. They range in style from with Baroque with it's harpsichords and musical ornamentation to more contemporary sounding piano for film scores. Deus has some tracks with just piano and other's are more intentional, dramatic, with strings and brass to paint an image in to the mind.

My New Ambient-Chillout Track — Nova Spire – Hypnagogia – [2015]

black space

I've been busy creating and preparing all kinds of new music. While also practicing a lot more guitar and keys. I have been writing some posts for the future as well. Here is a track of several I created late April this year, I have added it as a bonus to my Ambient album, Aesthete. …

Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way And Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching: On Essence And Becoming Child-Like

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One of the most important concepts I've learned in the esoteric philosophy via Gurdjieff, a spiritual teacher, is the concept of there being many I's. This concept has a few aspects to it. Throughout one's life, we presumably acquire likes and dislikes. Not only do we experience this through a lifetime but even within a day. …

Don’t Get Desperate For Ideas: On Sprezzatura And Wu Wei


Do not get desperate for ideas. Thinking of something tremendous to roll out. Convince yourself that not everything has to be nobel prize winning material. Do something. Anything. A little bit helps in laying bricks for achievement. There are a lot of things that you can do to open your mind and get your mind …

Forcing Creativity Addendum: At First It Is Difficult, But All Things Are Difficult At First


“At first it is difficult, but all things are difficult at first.” Miyamoto, Musashi. This is an addendum to my original creativity post.  "You can't force creativity" is the common mantra of artists. I say you can force it but it requires time. It is a skill to be developed like anything else. You indirectly …

Lazy People Think Fitness Is Solely For Vanity – The Real Effects Of Fitness


When you can access people’s limiting beliefs and their excuses to life you can understand someone really well. Your attitude is essential in keeping to your goals. Excuses that come out of a person a 100 miles a minute are not worth listening to. “You can’t” “You won’t” “I don’t think I can” People think …

Time is Not For Wasting – Make The Best Of Use It

Manly Hall

Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author and mystic. He is best known for his 1928 work The Secret Teachings of All Ages. If you ever had the problem of procrastination not being able to get through to the goals and activities that you wish to be done, …

On Negativity, Self-Talk and Criticism


All is mind and mind is all. Often times people can easily fall to a swirling depths of negativity. Sometimes we stumble against our own minds. Other times negativity is usually found in the environment. It’s an unfortunate that there is no mind management classes in early education. It’s probably harder to learn as one …

How Eastern Philosophy Can Help Your Art And Craft

Attachment, is when you are in situation you can not let go, a feeling that tugs on you. When you love something you have to be able to let it go. There’s a confidence you can gain from exercising non-attachment. People often become attached to ideology, without questioning. They do not study their own culture, …