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How Hormesis Is Nature’s Guide To Getting Uncomfortable

I’ve mentioned before that we must get uncomfortable in or to progress. I find we can learn this through nature, though Hormesis. Hormesis is when there is a struggle in the body, and the body comes up with adaptations for self-preservation. Here is a more thorough explanation: Hormesis (from Greek hórmēsis “rapid motion, eagerness,” from ancient Greek hormáein “to set […]

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Under Training vs. Over Training And The “No Pain No Gain” Mentality

After doing a routine for a long while, the grind becomes repetitive and variety feels like it gets a hold of you. But though your routine is set in stone, there’s always room evolving and modifying segments that can help in feeling a pump. For myself, I found that working the Shoulder (Deltoids) the muscles […]

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Living With Tinnitus As A Musician/Producer

Around 2006, I notice strange sensations in my right ear. “What is this?” The first time I heard it I was creating music on headphones and I was beefing up the low-end of a snare. I was receiving a weird crackling in my right ear. I said to my self, I don’t remember putting an […]

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Escape The Dream World: Comfort Is The Nemesis

Get Uncomfortable and Keep Moving Forward Stepping out of one’s comfort zone can prove to be a worthwhile cause. I find the average lifestyle is lived to the level where luxury, immediate gratification, satiety and comfort take a front seat. I see the average lifestyle as decadent, thrill-seeking, lazy and of without a sense of […]

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Self-Awareness, Phones and Posture In Modern Culture

Self-awareness via Wiki:  the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals. When I see people shuffling through malls, its really weird for me when coming from the other side of town, making music slightly away from civilization, but I still notice that more […]

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Inflammation Is The Culprit Of Most Diseases

Inflammation is the culprit. Recent studies have shown that one of the biggest mechanisms, culprits and factors of disease and general bad health is due to inflammation. The easy way of looking at inflammation, is seeing it as something that swells within your body. Your body is responding to activity in the body to protect itself, but […]