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How I Created A Binaural Beat And DMT Fractal Visual With Ocean Wave

Ocean wave and DMT Fractal Visual I created a video and uploaded on youtube and I titled it “Ocean Wave and DMT fractal.” It’s a calming ambient drone. The drone is a C Major 7th Chord (C, E, G, B) with pads, strings and with little movement. This is one of my first attempts to […]

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How To Deal With Antagonism Of Creative Work

Often times people can easily fall to a spiraling depths of negativity. Sometimes we stumble against our own minds. Other times negativity is usually found in the environment. Negative people are not worth your time. They will undermine everything you do. Steering your path for themselves. It’s best to keep track of your goals as […]

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Easy, Free and Fun Virtual Online Instruments For Beginners Of Electronic Music

Every once and a while there’s an interesting piece of online instruments that come out that are really interesting for me not only as a producer but also as just a person that enjoy’s sharing with my non-musically inclined friends. Html 909 There are the TR-909 and TR-808. These are fairly accurate emulations and interpretations […]

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How To Avoid Procrastination As An Artist: Infinite Intelligence And The Ego’s Muse

The Procrastinating Artist: On Ego, Muse and Self-Deception I always enjoyed watching interviews of my favourite artists. I came to understand their process, the way they work. Viewing these interviews from a young age and impressionable eyes, I always admired how all artists were excited to showcase and discuss their work. As I watched more, […]

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How I Write And Layer My Tracks For Trap Electronic Music (Neo-Tokyo Themed Track)

Process Here I’ll lay down my thought process of how I create a song. The whole project took approximately 2 hours. I work on it with tunnel vision. I wrote this track while I was fasting on a Sunday morning, I didn’t eat until I finished the track. I mixed all the music when I […]

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Don’t Get Desperate For Ideas: On Sprezzatura And Wu Wei

Do not get desperate for ideas. Thinking of something tremendous to roll out. Convince yourself that not everything has to be nobel prize winning material. Do something. Anything. A little bit helps in laying bricks for achievement. There are a lot of things that you can do to open your mind and get your mind […]

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How Physical Activity Can Help Moodiness

Life has it’s ups and downs. People handle it differently and it shows. Some people wallop when they are chased by waves in the storm while, others sail and coast along the wave. There can’t be much separating these kinds of people. Knowledge is perhaps the leading factor. When I say knowledge I mean knowledge […]

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On Living Forever: Technology And The Infinite Artist

Writing inspiration today : Pink Floyd’s – Dark Side of The Moon “I Wanna Live Forever” I’ve claimed the authentic artist wants to live forever, to be passed on in time. At first glance, it may seem egoistic, but if there’s positive value being provided I think it’s a worthy goal that should be taken up. […]

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How To Come Up With New Song Ideas For Electronica/EDM music

How To Come Up With New Song Ideas This is for the electronic music producers (EDM) starting out, for the novice and intermediates alike. Some people wonder where I get so many song ideas. I don’t always have a set formula when I’m creating and sometimes I do but after so much trial and error, […]

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Klomb – The Musical Writing Process

“Klomb” is a cosmic paradox of ancient futurism. These are the remnants of a spiritual nomad, a metaphysical journey that were channeled where time periods and space had collided. There are layers on top of one another, as it always has been. Schools of thought, technologies and organisms have intertwined and evolved in life creating […]