How To Export MIDI Music Score For FL Studio

I had come to realized how to do this because I needed a composition that let me allocate a PDF for scoring purposes. It is for a competition that I have decided to export this PDF format. I’ve heard of many different programs that facilitate the process such as Finale, Sibelius and Guitar Pro. But … Continue reading How To Export MIDI Music Score For FL Studio

How I Write Music Scores

Replica 114 For Replica 114, I was lucky to have guidance from Jeff. One thing I admire is that he is very methodical in his approach. He presented me with several sounds that would work as potential on screen sequences. He’d have a scene and knew exactly what he wanted, how it was gonna sound … Continue reading How I Write Music Scores

Scoring Reel

Demo Reel Of Musical Highlights in Film, Scoring and Electronica

Ottawa Electronica Artist – Nova Spire

Ottawa Electronica Artist Hey I’m Nova Spire, Nova Spire – Audio Visual Artist based in Ottawa, Canada. Expanding creativity, imagination and consciousness. I create a diverse array of different electronic music projects. I come from classical music background. I score and compose music for film and am always excited to take on new projects. Nova … Continue reading Ottawa Electronica Artist – Nova Spire

Project Eve – By Jeff Brewer – My Latest Musical Scoring Endeavor

Project Eve Musical Convergence Project Eve is a film by Jeff Brewer. I was asked to compose the music for Project Eve. In the past, I have worked with Jeff Brewer in shorter films but none like this feature film. I believe we make a dynamic duo in transmitting our ideas and creativity onto the … Continue reading Project Eve – By Jeff Brewer – My Latest Musical Scoring Endeavor

Holographic ALBUM (2012) Ottawa Music, Canada Artist – EDM Electronica

NOVA SPIRE – Holographic (2012)[Electronica/EDM] I was lucky enough to have Travis Adeneau share his artwork for this record.Holographic Album is “Pay What You Like” Enjoy! Before Holographic Simulation 9 was the prior EP which began this idea of painting with sound. Simulation 9 was me playing composer for a short film. We have a … Continue reading Holographic ALBUM (2012) Ottawa Music, Canada Artist – EDM Electronica

NEW MUSIC: Deus – My Piano and Classical Music Inspired 42-Track Album Compilation

Deus is my piano and classical music inspired compilation I’ve created over the years. Deus consists of 42 tracks. They range in style from with Baroque with it’s harpsichords and musical ornamentation to more contemporary sounding piano for film scores.

Deus has some tracks with just piano and other’s are more intentional, dramatic, with strings and brass to paint an image in to the mind.

How I Created The Devil’s Waltz To Test My Creativity

In 2008 I decided to challenge myself by creating waltz music. Around this time, I was experimenting a lot with harsher electronic sounds. This was a different aspect of my music, I wanted to broaden my brush and just expand and explore new creative territory. I always enjoy challenging myself with different genres and styles. … Continue reading How I Created The Devil’s Waltz To Test My Creativity

Nova Spire – 2014 In Review

It’s been a great year. Filled with music, scores and collaborations from. Thank you for joining me with all my endeavors and my blog posts. 2014 Musical Highlights Gift Aesthete Klomb The High Energy Protons Replica 114 Ottawa Industrial League: Exclusive Track Things I’m looking forward to in the future, more collaborations, more art and … Continue reading Nova Spire – 2014 In Review

The New Piano LP – Now Available

As promised , I have created and release a full piano LP, titled “Gift”. It is 15 tracks and a bonus track. This is the bandcamp page: I studied piano in my youth. Soaring, excelling and skipping piano grades. I was captivated by piano compositions and viewed reading sheet music as a video game. In … Continue reading The New Piano LP – Now Available

About Nova Spire

I’m a Multi-Genre, Electronic music artist and producer from Ottawa, Canada. I play the keyboard and guitar. I am obsessed with sound design, creating electronic music with synths from nothing. I enjoy scoring music to film. I score music and provide remixes on occasion. I am open to collaborations. I believe in individuality, truth, sticking … Continue reading About Nova Spire