Hawkins Spiritual Concept of Power vs Force And How It Can Help You and Humanity

The longer you live in life the more realize what is of value and what is of use for you. This comes to many people in many forms, ideas and or physical manifestations.

For myself, for some reason – overtime, I have gained and learned from a lot of spiritual teachers. This is something that has always been with me. When I was younger I was exploring ideas of meditation/contemplation. There has always been a spiritual exploration. One of my last intriguing teachers that was passed to me by a friend is Gurdjieff.

Spiritualism is a very sketchy thing to talk about in the modern age because it easily attracts different notions and can be abused in one way or another. But using is as a method of self-reflection, self-observation – a tool, is one that I’m completely with. It beckons to my personality to improve myself as I can.

In recent months, I’ve explored the ideas of David R. Hawkins. The first David R. Hawkins book I read was on the Nature of consciousness and the measurement thereof. I found this completely fascinating, from the scale, to the way it is measured to the ability to measure non-living things – such as books, art and ideas.

The way the scale works, it is a scale from 0 to 1000. The book explains it more thoroughly.

But here is the main idea, graphically.

It’s a very profound scale. Very profound.

Please check out his ideas when you can. Also, his videos on YouTube are interesting too.

Hawkins is quite humorous.

power vs force.jpg

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