New Synthwave Album – Rogue Wave – The High Energy Protons

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Rogue Wave

You are on a voyage to a new world and you find unforeseen events and enriching characters. You meet The Old Soul Captain and his crew. The Old Soul Captain is delegating, he doesn’t know if he wants to take you on. You are too hesitant. He sees potential in you. But He’s willing to put you to the test. So The Old Soul Captain teaches you. As time goes on, you resist temptations as you delve into your shadow self. You meet a couple of people along the way and get caught up into a situation that tests you to your wits end. As you stop and visit it many places and time passes, There’s an electrical storm brewing like never before. You encounter rivals and fleeting romance on the journey. And suddenly there’s a calmness in the air. There is a Rogue Wave coming in from the distance as if an outward manifestation has erupted from your internal battle and struggles. Your ego takes a deep dive and all it’s subconscious ideations crumble. All of life’s tests and hangups culminate to this one moment and you are tested like never before. The moment comes crashing. You find yourself shipwrecked. You are lost at sea. In the distance, you miraculously spot a huge light. You are determined to survive. Something inside you is calling and beckoning you. You can not identify if you are hallucinating. You rescue The Old Soul Captain. And you Save something much deeper and larger at play. You discover the hidden elixir. You are re-energized to return and take on even greater challenges once again. You have seen good and evil in men when put on the line. You muster up the courage to face yourself once more. After returning to Foggy Harbour and approaching your rivals once again, you are reignited and are balanced and Anchored in yourself and take what you have learned from your journey and apply it in a final rendezvous and return home to your true better half. Your Spiritual Quest – Begins Now. A New World Awaits.

Rogue wave

Psalm 65:5-7 By awesome deeds you answer us with righteousness, O God of our salvation, the hope of all the ends of the earth and of the farthest seas; the one who by his strength established the mountains, being girded with might; who stills the roaring of the seas, the roaring of their waves, the tumult of the peoples.

HEP Album Series:

The High Energy Protons


released May 4, 2018

Music/Production: Nova Spire
Artwork: Nova Spire
Mix and Mastering: Obi Juan Kenobi

This is a side-project of Nova Spire as The High Energy Protons.

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