Canadian Electronica IDM: Nova Spire – Cerebro EP

Canadian Electronica IDM: Nova Spire – Cerebro EP

New EP – Cerebro

Cerebro Nova Spire EP
Cerebro Nova Spire EP

Analysis Paralysis

What I wanted to do with Analysis Paralysis was something for the people that are either wracking their brains and overloaded with doubt. It’s that moment when you are so overwhelmed of everything that you say enough is enough. The track begins with a bassline that is worming its way with extra baggage, pieces and bits of ideas. It’s very scratchy and it has a metallic harshness. The track is one that builds and builds. There are seething elements that rip through the mind.

They are almost like flashes of insight, the synapses of the mind are firing. Meanwhile there are guitars bending and moaning in anguish, they are there in the desperation of the situation. There are 808s and dirty percussion until the moment unravels. There are quite of few pieces and elements that begin to modify.

There are basslines that are providing a striding element as i provide room for my classical piano chops. There is a delay on the melody of the piano. This delay gives the sensation of outer body, weightlessness. It compels us to consider the ideas from within rather to the outside. It is a positive track of forcing yourself in the struggle.

To not be perturbed by the struggle but to be enthralled by the struggle. Whatever that struggle is it must be acknowledged and attacked. It will be increase one’s competence and confidence. The buildup of the track has doubling on the drumline.

The drumline is fortified by extra percussion. Meanwhile, the sound is becoming more and more erratic. We are going somewhere. There is chaos. But it is highly controlled.

The thinker is becoming attenuated in understanding. There glitch basslines circle and entwined in the mind, the pads are rising to a crescendo, and there’s a chip synth glitching out of control. And it rises and slams us with a force of a train wreck.

The guitar and piano returns to us with a new understanding and ability to navigate the beginning of the next struggle, as we began. We are forged by struggle just like the myth of Sisyphus. The more we bleed, the more we sweat, the faster we arrive at where we need to be. That is the concept of analysis paralysis and I hope you appreciate the concept behind the music.

Villain Frisson

The concept behind villain frisson is that i want to create a track that was demonstrating an effect similar to asmr.

Asmr is when a person speaks in a low voice and the person response with an automatic sensory episode that is particularly affecting their nervous system. Villain frisson is a way of assessing psychopathy. Psychopathy as a villain.

Thus, I have an opening with piano that opens with intriguing the listener, sort of revealing the villain. It is all under b or b flat diminished. The chords that was once affiliated with a lot of dramatic tension. This track doesn’t have as much resolution compared to the first.

It was essentially an exercise in creating as much possible tension between the listener. Many people tell say that there is a lot of tension on their first listen. I do this by spinning a lot of synth knobs, pulse width, tremolo and vibrato.

This enhances the tension from say a level 5 to a level 10, it really challenges the listener. Especially if they listen to more harmonic. I had not thought about distorting the sound like in the first track. But at that point I think that it would be overbearing. As an artist you have to balance and battle between the experiment being too much for the listener and being able to keep the interest of the listener. There is no resolution only fear to be able to provoke.