Project Eve – By Jeff Brewer – My Latest Musical Scoring Endeavor

Project Eve

Musical Convergence

Project Eve is a film by Jeff Brewer. I was asked to compose the music for Project Eve. In the past, I have worked with Jeff Brewer in shorter films but none like this feature film. I believe we make a dynamic duo in transmitting our ideas and creativity onto the screen. Our musical tastes, film and aesthetic preferences compliment each other. Jeff Brewer brought out some of the best out of my music for Project eve.

He explains things to me in a way that I would never have thought. He will explain to see from the dynamic of the audience. How the audience will perceive the blending of sound and picture. What happens if we change this or that thing. I learn what’s happening on the screen to the millisecond, can make all the difference to enhance certain moments. Brewer has a very precise vision for arriving at what he wants.

He came at me prepared. From 2016, onward he had finished film and he explained everything to me on the phone. I received a script and score cues, ideas and several key notes to the film. Also, Jeff details the music that he listens to as he works on the film, to provide the mood. It really helps me in getting a better sense of this world.


Brewer cares about the details but also sees the larger picture as he writes, directs and connects all the material while formalizing the whole concept to me. The film is in an apocalyptic scenario. We are put before an individual, known as Citizen, that has the exact DNA to propagate the species without contamination.

Citizen is the antidote. Citizen is the serum for the world population. The world population has contracted a mass virus. This virus ruins everything. As the story progresses, we are introduced to characters that forward the plot and emotional resonance of the film.

It is a story of sacrifice and it’s consequences. Citizen is the archetype and provides us with the “Hero’s Journey.” He has to fight for what he believes in to save humanity that has been forsaken. There are several elements and layers which may take one several instances to understand.

Lastly, another aspect I appreciate about working with Jeff is that he will provide homage shots in his work. There are many elements in the film that provide a homage to a director that he appreciates. I also provide a homage to certain emotions and characters music.

I hope you enjoy my musical compositions for the film and enjoy the overall story. Enjoy!

“After the earth is hit by a deadly virus, a young man immune to its grip must give his life to save it. Mankind will be reborn.”

Project Eve Film

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