Ambient Mix – Aesthete Radio – Ambient And Chillout Mixes

I have made some downtempo, chill and ambient  mix of tracks. I have titled it Aesthete Radio mix, it’s based on my Aesthete  album. It features some old ambient tracks, classics and tracks from the album. I’m based in Ottawa, Canada. I am constantly making music. I thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase my work on mixes. I’ll upload on youtube.  I’ve never made an ambient mix but I decided to compile my work for listeners.

I have a tremendous catalog of released and unreleased tracks that I want to share. Perhaps I will share them on an album later. But this where I will put some of those tracks.

I hope you enjoy one of the first mixes on the program. This is the first mix.

This first mix features some of my album tracks. The ambient mix includes In this dream Aeoromente and Just take me home and Final Sunset Before Goodbye.

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