How I Remixed Chelsea Wolfe – Demons

Chelsea Wolfe Remix

I first heard Apokalypsis eyes closed. For some people Chelsea Wolfe is about the feeling and lyricism and the emotions.

While that is part of it. For me, it was all about the textures and layers of the guitars and all the music in unison.

One of my favourite aspects of the track “Demons” was the vocals. I wanted to remix Chelsea Wolfe’s Demons as a study.

I wanted to emulate the textures of that album while reinterpreting the structure. Give it my own twist.I’ve done many remixes before and this one is another feeling to. It was incredibly fun to do.


Chelsea Wolfe Grand Piano Remix
Chelsea Wolfe Piano Chords

I extrapolated the chords from the track and made my rendition on piano.

Using a closed Grand Piano sample base, I connect the chords that work and adjust the levels and prepare it to be low to mid volume range.

Chelsea Wolfe Piano Remix
Chelsea Wolfe Remix. Full Project File.


The bass that I used is very low, resonant and plugged, jammed and overdriven. I used a lot of Saturation, with Softube Saturation plugin.

The Plugin really shapes the transient. It changes the thickness. The sound is just gritty and smashes ahead of the drums.

It has Three settings, Keep low, Neutral, Keep High. Naturally, I have everything overloaded with saturation.

The little light flashes to hint me it’s excessive, but I push it just slightly over the yellow light.

Chelsea Wolfe Remix Saturation Softtube

Finishing Touches

I did lay my vocals and it is laid in the second part of the track.  I recorded it all on a seperate project file.

In another project I added A couple of extra vocals, effects that I felt was needed for some final seasoning.

Chelsea Wolfe Remix Waveform
Chelsea Wolfe Remix Waveform

The final part is the climax and I just wanted all the Demons come out and anhilated the listener with rhythm, thickness and a hypnotic, tribal groove.

Here is the Chelsea Wolfe Remix I made. Please, like comment and subscribe. Thank you for listening!

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