How I Created A Binaural Beat And DMT Fractal Visual With Ocean Wave

Ocean wave and DMT Fractal Visual

I created a video and uploaded on youtube and I titled it “Ocean Wave and DMT fractal.” It’s a calming ambient drone. The drone is a C Major 7th Chord (C, E, G, B) with pads, strings and with little movement. This is one of my first attempts to create visuals accompanied with my music. I initially wanted to do a sound kind of like a binaural beat.

I tried many different waveforms and I tweaked many parameters before I got the sound I was satisfied. I just decided I wanted to make visuals for this ambience.

Do Binaural Beats work?

I had a mini conversation with someone studying PhD in the field of the brain. I discussed binaural beats in an attempt to decipher their potential in clinical or general public use as tool alter consciousness and healing. She said it was a possibility. There’s much we have yet to understand about the brain and frequencies and healing modalities.

For instance, there are a lot of music therapy that is highly based on frequencies and tones. These tones are used to aid people in healing. There are studies out there for this kind material and it highlights the point home to me.

Whether or not it works it is certainly questionable to many. Whether it is placebo is another contention issue. Above all however, the fact remains that it’s a soothing atmosphere, whether the usage is for anxiety, for meditation or creating a nice ambience for a social gathering. I think there is potential for it do more good and harm.

Visual Imagery

As I’ve mentioned before I’m just getting into creating visuals with my sound. What I wanted to do with the visuals was create a night-time ocean wave atmosphere, as if you are stranded in the ocean as the waves are slowly rippling and moving and swaying to the music, with a set of psychedelic fractal imagery overlayed on top.

The imagery and sound evolves as it progresses.  As the sound emerges, it redirects and intertwines with the imagery and becomes one with the sound. It’s a calming, psychedelic experience.

I think visuals really add a unique experience to the program. I’ve mentioned some visual artists I’ve appreciate before and this is a kind of small homage to them.

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