NEW MUSIC: Nova Spire – Samizdat – Music Inspired by WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks And Samizdat LP

If you discuss WikiLeaks with people that would be traditionally considered conspiracy theorists they would be relieved and should reimbursed by what can be found on WikiLeaks today.

A sign of intelligence is to be able to dissect, analyze and interpret patterns that are happening and find what the implications may be.

Many of those conspiracy theorists may have jumped the gun or they were interpreting patterns that are now being confirmed in many leaks. Conspiracy theories become all that much more plausible when invisible cloaks can be pulled.

It only turns theories into conspiracy facts.julian-assangeI feel that Wikileaks has changed the game so much so. Originally, it was a method of rattling governments and providing open information for the public.

If they can dismantle the underpinnings of political campaigns they can systematically operate and rattle under larger corporations and banking systems that are failing or involving in illegal, or faulty activity because they have the ability to do so.


I can see it smearing a lot of people. There may be many informants and people that may be singled out and compromised or “neutralized” for having given the capability to attract and allow access to deep information. Indeed, there were many people that believed Julian Assange had been captured after his strange and cryptic posts on twitter.

julian-assange-policemanBy looking at the patterns many believe that there is something going on. What is happening with Assange during the writing of my material? There is a lot of speculation.

Wikileaks has become an incredibly powerful tool to remove and or thwart a system of corrupt governments. But what is the end goal?wiki leak contigency plan

A Tool Of Transparency

I begin to ask is transparency something that can and should be achieved in the 21st Century?

If transparency becomes a goal, corruption may not be easily be brought into play when people can see what is happening. Perhaps people that do not want to be dethroned from their positions may scheme new ways of offline means for plans not to be thwarted.

But it would be difficult as everything has become interconnected and wired. The people may think twice about their leaders and governments.


A new system may have to be created. I found it incredibly lucky that during the elections of the United States, Donald Trump was running amidst many WikiLeaks were demolishing the Democratic campaign. You can see there was a lot media collusion. I believe people political already assumed a lot of this was going on, the old adage of politics being “Two sides of the same coin.” These assumptions are legitimate. Meanwhile, both Democrat and Republicans contested claiming Russia was involved with hacking a lot of material. It all seemed suspicious to me as well as Americans. I get it, there’s a lot at stake for many people. Everyone wants their narrative to be the key talking point.

If Leaks continue to dissolve the cloaks, a new system must emerge. There is too much information disseminated already. People are furious. That’s one thing that is becoming more understood. These ideas are all ideas I have brainstormed and injected in my latest album release Samizdat.podesta emails

Samizdat – WikiLeaks Connection

Samizdat was originally an underground publishing system developed in Soviet Russia. I thought it would be comical to reflect the trope of Russia hacking and using the WikiLeaks as a banner to mirror what the Samizdat was doing – which was providing clandestine information.

WikiLeaks has repeatedly advised that their sources are not from Russia. Not only did I want to infuse the notions of conspiracy and current leaks but I also wanted to give an appendix an interpretation of what potential future leaks may lead to and render that from imagery in my head to music.

I am optimistic. I see WikiLeaks and similar enterprises like it being a fork in the road. Preventing things such as systems where megacities have a huge amount of hi-tech warfare, global wars, criminal sub-governments, shadow governments (Just as has been happening in South Korea), crumbling social structures, erroneous corporate media propaganda, national security failing, social media insurgencies, complete dysfunction and chaos, “1% Rule”.

But the album is also a fork in the road where one can either become complacent to live in a world like a dystopian cyberpunk film or create something entirely new from scratch and through a fight of honest information.

I want to portray a world that is systematically coming to an understanding of how the world’s structure is changing at it’s core. I wanted to recall that this change in structure is all happening because of information. In the age of the information superhighway – propaganda can be used for bad or good, through information. However, I do think truth, time and time again emerges from the ashes. As long as there are men that hold values of truth at the forefront.

Truth leaks. Justice Reigns.

Leaks And The Future

After November, we are going to be living in a different world. A completely New World. The writings are written on the wall. It is something I can’t put my finger on entirely just yet but I have a hunch that something is happening Globally.

With Samizdat I wanted to achieve a dark, hypnotic techno landscapes that mesmerize. It focuses on a lot of subtleties and dark textures. It is a stepping stone and a door to the New World that all this information shall unravel in present and in future.

I hope you appreciate the words and music.

Nova Spire – Samizdat:

Nova Spire Samizdat YouTube Link:

nova-spire-samizdat-cover-art-inspired by wikileaksInspired by WikiLeaks.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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