How To Meet Musicians And Artists In Your Area

Sometimes you need to bounce off ideas from new people, new friends and new musicians. Start off with a clean slate.

If you feel like you are stagnating you may need to meet some new musicians.

Perhaps moving and getting to know new people with new sets of ideas and views can help. One thing I find about electronic musicians – and I speak as one myself – is that we are very much in our own heads and our waves of expression.

It is very easy for us to withhold our ideas and enclose our self and work in a corner until the next project.

While that’s perfectly legit, after a while one needs to shake it up and add some spice and new momentum.

My favourite part of connecting with new people is discovering the method to their madness. This may not even strictly apply to musicians but to artists in general. You can understand how someone else works, you can “A/B test” and see how you or the other stacks up. Not in a form of competition but in a fun way to see how you work.

While paralleling the methods of working you can see at what time one prefers working, how one works and if someone enjoys coffee with their artistic sessions. I have so many questions that wish to bring that it invigorates my sense of wonder and inspires me to create more.

Whenever I chat with a musician I find it tends to break down into a couple of topics. What new instrument/synthesizer or gear has the person used or is currently using? What are you currently listening to/what is inspiring you? And finally what current/future projects are you working on right now? This last question is actually fairly good conversation starter even if you are not meeting with a musician or an artist.

Typically, people having something going with their lives other than work and that’s what people are most enthusiastic discussing. These topics can easily take up the space of a couple of hours or more. With everyone it veers into different topics but I’ve always found discussing these topics very fruitful.

Most musical friends and acquaintances I’ve come across I’ve met on forum boards, youtube, soundcloud and facebook. The people you should be meeting are available to you on nearly every social network. is also a great place to check out your local area musicians.

On facebook, I would cycle around looking for my own city in groups related to my niche/genre/style. Similarly, I use to do this on soundcloud I would be all over the #Ottawa hashtag and I find people that would be worthy or interesting enough to meet up with and chat. That’s actually how I discovered Encephalon and many more artists.

We are more connected than ever before, yet meeting person still provides a candidness, right up there with jamming with a person. It can’t really be duplicated by chatting or through messages.

It reminds me of a line from Terence McKenna’s lectures and that is simple “Seek the others.” Somebody out there is connecting on your wave, your frequency, your zone. They are connecting at the exact time you need them for whatever, musical theory, audio engineering, the marketing, creative, the artistic aspects of it all.

It’s all available for you on the web, beckoning and summoning for the call. All you have to do is put yourself out there and be receptive and you’ll be collaborating, vibing and jamming with some new people.

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