New: “Lux” EP by Ottawa Artist Devecseri [Electronica] Review

Lux Devecseri Electronica Ottawa Toronto Music
Lux Ottawa Canada Artist Devecseri [Electronica EP]

Devecseri Lux

Devecseri wants to make you feel like you are floating alone in space pondering the possibilities of your reality. Devecseri makes what he needs to hear, but hopes that it also brings you some comfort. Devecseri would like you to know that you are not alone in your overindulgence of existentialism, and would like to thank you for the effort that supports your existence in this dark universe.
Devecseri’s first EP, ‘Lux’ a journey of genres
Out on Devecseri Music in mp3 or FLAC, as well as iTunes, Spotify… and the all the other ones.
Except Beatport, I can’t seem to figure them out.

Adam Dev: Composition, Instrumentation, Synths/Sound Design, Sampling, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Field Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork Concept

Devecseri has recently released an electronica album and he’s in the Ottawa/Toronto area. He has a very eclectic electronic palette.

Devecseri has listed a number of influences including Savant, Culprate, Devin Townsend, Mike Patton, Meshuggah, Gojira, Secret Chiefs 3, Estradasphere, Harry James, Sergei Rachmaninoff, The Legend of Zelda. I breakdown the tracks as they appear:


Rach has a very cinematic feeling, using plucking instruments, strings. It is a very moving sound. The opening piano/pluck sounds are a very playful welcome to the show.


FM has a feeling of stopping by on different tunes on a radiostation. It reminds one of 80’s music. I really love Devecseri’s usage of Mono bending leads. They add a lot of interest to the track. As the radio dial moves the tune changes up to a 70’s pimp disco sound that Shaft would think is Damn, Right.


There is a kind of ska/reggae feeling, the breath is reproducing a rhythm. The leads again are my favorite part of the track. Arguably to short. There’s a wrapping sound effect that intertwines with the rhythm and it gives interest.


This track has a feeling of being in a wet cave environment. I believe there were samples that take inspiration of the game The Legend of Zelda. The main instrumentation is applied with rhodes keys. A really good down tempo vibe. I enjoy that there seems to be a side chaining or a pumping between the sounds and it gives a pulsating feeling like something is emanating between the drums.


I presumed this track was in reference to Wall-E the robot– which I have not seen. The sample refers to this. I feel the first plucking instrument reminds me of Tool guitar staccato’s. As the plucking instrument continues we are showered with keyboard instrumentation and shiny leads. Strings complete the track.


This one was an instant like and listen for me. Aside from the title. It feels there is a celebration – a large party. I feel the sound is a cross between Mario Kart soundtracks and Squarepusher – that bass has such a Jazzy, funky vibe to it.


Sometimes people put their title track at the end.

There’s a forthright marching rhythm interspersed with ethnic chanting, while the synthesizer massages the rhythm and dips into a forward pushing sound. The marching rhythm suggests there’s more to come and that this is just the beginning for Devecseri.

All together the EP is a broad an all encompassing, inspired, genre bending, psychedelic rich electronica listen. I’d recommend, take a listen!


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