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How To Create Visuals For Electronic Music Mixes, Tracks And Sets

The music is booming, the people are screaming and cheering, the lights and lasers are penetrating, the fog is fogging, the people are ecstatic, but there are no visuals? In a lot of electronic music you will visuals set up on the screen.

On the screen there can be numerous things that are coinciding with the music. There can be orbs dancing to the bass drum, lines and bars, fog on the screen and even screens that thematically correspond to the sound.

Here are some old visuals I used for a track of mine before I was aware of how to use visualizers:

As I’ve said, I’ve done visuals previously but without using my own tools, it kind of looks like this:

There are all kinds of visualizers out there and many Visual Jockey’s that have their own way of going about these tools. Encephalon had mentioned to me that this is all possible on a program called Resolume. They use it for their visuals. I decided I might need visuals in the near future so I decided to learn with the tools that I already have. FL Studio comes bundled with an Open Source Program that allows you to this very well.

ZGameVideo Editor Visualizer

I’m currently using the First version, ZGameVideo Editor Visualizer

You opens it up and it looks like this:

How to create visuals for edm z game editor visualizer

There are an assortment of tools that let you affect the foreground, the background and other parameters in between. I enjoy the simplicity for creating visuals.

You can take a predetermined instrument and sidechain it so the visual moves along to the rhythm of the instruments. You can affect color, size, lighting there are plenty of parameters you can use and have fun with.

You can have meshing and even put text in the Visual if you so choose. You can also use videos in the visualizer as well.


You can render the visualizer in the Settings>Video Export Settings by naming your file, there are some video presets there. But if you want to be specific, you can select your encoder, Resolution, Bitrates, FPS, Key frame spacing and even the Audio Encoding. Etc.How to create visuals for edm z game editor visualizer Visualizer Video Export Settings.jpg

Instagram Visuals

I had been experimenting with creating visuals with a unreleased track. I used bitmaps and moved them accordingly along with an orb that bounces along to the 2nd and 4th beat to tie it all together.

For me, learning the ropes was just a matter of trial and error, whenever I encounter a problem or something I can’t handle, I tend to just look up the help file.

It can get more intricate with MIDI cue points. I will discuss this topic further in another post.

It can be made to be really complex or really simplistic. There is a lot to work with. But I’d still recommend this free visualizer to anyone that wants to start out and make a show to put on screen. It will definitely help in warming up the crowd.

Samizdat Promos

These are the complete promos I created for my album Samizdat:

Here are some more examples what you can do with the tool:

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