How Hormesis Is Nature’s Guide To Getting Uncomfortable

I’ve mentioned before that we must get uncomfortable in or to progress. I find we can learn this through nature, though Hormesis.

Hormesis is when there is a struggle in the body, and the body comes up with adaptations for self-preservation. Here is a more thorough explanation:

Hormesis (from Greek hórmēsis “rapid motion, eagerness,” from ancient Greek hormáein “to set in motion, impel, urge on”) is the term for generally favorable biological responses to low exposures to toxins and other stressors. A pollutant or toxin showing hormesis thus has the opposite effect in small doses as in large doses. A related concept is Mithridatism, which refers to the willful exposure to toxins in an attempt to develop immunity against them. Hormetics is the term proposed for the study and science of hormesis.

There are a number of ways the body can do this, we can see this through exercise and fasting.

The body is truly remarkable in that it will try to immunize itself, avoiding potential future damage.

Exercise does this by putting a mild stress to begin certain positive systems withing the body. While fasting does that similarly with the brain regulating process while getting into a starvation mode to be able to survive.

Your body is kicking into a new gear.Muscles Illustration

This idea of hormesis is natural. It is a logical, natural system. In any operation there must be a median, a middle unit to shock the system. Gurdjieff even mentioned this, using shocks to increase energy and consciousness. Say you want to go from A to C, B must shock the system in order to level up and carry on to the following node.

It’s this constant renewal and growth that lets us expand. How our bodies work in such a fashion is remarkable to me.

Whenever we must change there must be a shock in the system to go on further.

It seems so obvious to me that when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations you are going to get a benefit out of it. You get more energy by putting more energy in.

People that are always tired end up sleeping and napping more and they end up feeling more  tired!

I think one should give it there all when they are in the gym because it’s great for longevity, feeling good and staying sharp.

You can train to stay on the level, to maintain what you have or you can push yourself to constantly thrive and upping your notches.

It’s a habit that must be continuously be enacted and exerted up to the maximum for greatest progress and benefits!

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