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How To Export MIDI Music Score For FL Studio

I had come to realized how to do this because I needed a composition that let me allocate a PDF for scoring purposes. It is for a competition that I have decided to export this PDF format. I’ve heard of many different programs that facilitate the process such as Finale, Sibelius and Guitar Pro. But I found there’s another way.

FL studio Export as score sheetThe easiest way to export midi out of FL studio is by going to the menu of the piano roll that you are working on and you click piano roll options> followed by File> Then finally you click “Export as score sheet”Under the rendering of the Score Sheet you’ll have options to Save your File name. You will also be able to Input your title Name. Your Subtitle. Time signature, Num/Den and the key that you chose to write your music.

Finally, there’s an option that allows you to “Preview” which gives you a couple of bars preview. You click “start” when you are satisfied and it saves to your saved location.
FL studio score sheetWhile there is minimal options to export, it is a very simple solution that allowed me to do it very quickly when I needed it.

Furthermore, a few pointers. If you want the Instrument name to change on the PDF staff on the left. You will have to rename your Instrument on the step sequencer.

This scoring export is excellent if you want to share with your musical friends, orchestra/band or simply wanting to learn and teach yourself your own music.

Note: At the end of your printed PDF, at the bottom there’s a marking that it was Created in FL Studio and it was engraved by LilyPond Organization.

Video Format via VscorpianC:

FL Studio is an amazing musical resource and I’m continually discovering it’s finer details. I hope this helped you in scoring your music.

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