How To Be More Inspired, Creative and Productive

Get More Productive. Produce more than ever.

I leave one message behind for all artists, no matter what your craft, no matter what it is you do. You must always produce more than you consume. That is how an artist should be. It may sound selfish, but it is worth it. Produce more than you consume.

It must be done. This is my grand message for artists. All artists should produce more than they consume. I’m sure there are arguments against this idea. But I think the pro’s can outweigh the cons. If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing passionately and obsessively.

If it is not enriching to you then it is not beneficial to you.

You can get inspired by art – books, visuals, music, films. But you must not be obsessive over them.

Some people say “Oh, it inspired me!”But does it really?

Yes, you can interpret the material. But I believe over dissecting it is a waste of time. It may inspire you, but ultimately that inspiration must be transmuted in order to properly say that you were inspired. Otherwise it did not inspire you whatsoever.

Throughout your life you can come across inspiration but you must not obsess or become overly attached over someone’s madness, you can admire it but never obsess. Obsession is for your own art.

It’s kind of Zen again, remaining detached. You must obsess over your own madness, your interpretations, your beliefs, your art. That’s how the most fascinating artists come from isn’t it?

These are the lone wolves, the black sheep on the other side of the fence venturing into new territory. The Intrepid, the pathfinders, trailblazers etc.

When the curtains of external imagination and distractions all go down, you are only left with your self, alone in your mental abode to create. Admittedly, there is a time and a place for entertainment. But it must not always be the lowest common denominator, sucking the life, attention and minutes off your clock.

This is the age of distraction. It is far too easy to kill time, then to realize how much of your time is being killed.

Can you manage to create something with no influences? Probably not, but the point is not to get sucked in entirely. Dip your toes, regroup your thoughts, then attack.

Create, create, create!

Time is of the essence.

Similarly, you do not need other peoples approval. Feedback maybe. But to look to others for everything is a false mentality as an artist, in my humble opinion.

You are the sole arbiter of what is good and what is not. After going through so much of your own material, you begin to figure yourself out, you understand yourself more and more. Who you are and what you want to do. It must all be done all to your own accord.

That is what I have learned after going through a great amount of personal material.

I hope you gain something from my insight. Try it for a month or so, see how it goes. Produce more than you consume.

Hone your craft, and create more art. Be mindful and Love the work.


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