The Road To Self Improvement Is A Lone Wolfs Game

Our models are from beyond and we become them

The tumbleweed blows through the desert and it’s only you standing before your mission.

No one is there to greet you in the early morning of your grind. No one sees the countless hours of practice. what they have is the last photos of you. the photo op you leave on an Instagram on a Facebook post.

No one knows the countless hours you spend on your talents. The hidden grind. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have laser focus and continue on your mission. Your core desire matters.

Nothing matters but the mission.

If you can see the bodies all around you that failed across their mission. Help those along your same mission. The clock is ticking. The grind is akin to Sisyphus rolling up the mountain, we don’t continue for the hell of it.

We take on our mission as  regardless whether it gives us pleasure or pain, those are only minor details, minuscule obstacles. Aristotle teaches we must make our habits thrive to encourage greatness.

Don’t let your mission die or blur.  

In trying again, we do not fail. We have obstacles that we must be overcome. Tenacity ever defined. Second after second, the opportunity is lost. Correct that by changing your attitude, changing your mind.

Winds on your back, wind to your face. Soul erupting and ready to make it’s mark, whatever it takes.

As time goes, people will notice you are completely different.

They will become aware of your presence. That is glory. When someone notices you have changed that is glory.

But we don’t bask in it. We continue as if it were any other day. Bring on the storm, my consciousness is ready. Become the transcendent warrior spirit.

My will shall endure beyond the likes that any man has ever before seen.

My intention is seared, branded on my mind. I can only hope it ignites my compatriots all in the same fight for glory and victory.

We will savor it only for a brief moment and continue on.

We will.





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