New Track: Encephalon Limb From Limb. Electro Industrial Compilation


Encephalon has released a new track for Electronic Saviors IV: Retaliation. It’s a compilation record of electronic and industrial music featuring various artists. Give it up for Ottawa’s Music!

The track opens with a seemingly basic yet infectious bass line.

There’s a blend between synthetic and acoustic drum sounds.

As the bassline progresses it becomes more driven during the chorus with piercing synths that add to the mayhem.

I love the entire theme of the track.

Matt of Encephalon suggested that the track for the compilation record is a different version to what will be featured in their new album in the works after their album Psychogenesis and The Transhuman Condition.

You never know what to expect from an Encephalon record stylistically but you could bet it’s gonna be good!

It’s also been mentioned that the new album revolves around the idea of reimagining classical horror stories from a modern, technologically advanced perspective.

Which peaks my interest. I love the way the lyrics unravel on this track. It’s pure carnage. I think it’s a great track to be active and work out to. Just like so much material by Encephalon. I love the way the track builds lyrically and rhythmically.

It’s a homage to Frankenstein and the like.

Find out what Encephalon is made out of. Pick up their track from the compilation album to help out against cancer. Pure and raw. Electronic Industrial.


Enecephalon Limb from Limb Lyrics

A faint mechanical hum interspersed with pulsing electronic murmurs.
Bodies shuffling. A Gasp. Language. A human voice cries out
“By God it worked!” But I remember now a peaceful death.
So why am I opening my eyes again?
Stitches hold together a mangled mess.
So what is this? what is this if not my new flesh. But I digress.
Guess I’m alive again. Why can I not ascend?
Their pitch elevates. They spew some vomit about progress.
Progress? for who? Someone tell me cause I just want to
tear you limb from limb. Try to break the spell. Torn from the afterlife.
Denied my place in hell.
With only hatred for my resurrector,
I will fulfill the role of his dissector.
Why have you reawakened me? Everything was as it’s meant to be.
Time will never let me go. My soul has nowhere else to go.
All I see now, shades of black. As I came to be the reluctant Lazarus,
but I’m bringing Lucifer with me. It’s HELL ON EARTH BABY.

Encephalon – Limb From Limb

Compilation Stream:

Encephalon’s pick from the Compilation: Mindless Faith – Monochrome.

Encephalon Terminus Ottawa Music Electronica
Encephalon – Terminus

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