How To Make Video Game Theme Music

Video Game Music

I’ve always been fascinated and passionate by music in video games. I think games that came from the 90’s had some of the most melodically inclined and musically sophisticated music.

When you ask to someone to recite a memorable pieces of music they very quickly whistle out a tune from Super Mario or even The Legend Of Zelda. They became memorable.

When I was in high school I would create music that my friends would be interested in listening to.

For example they would ask me to do a remix and I would do it. I would create renditions from illustrated imagery they provided me with. Out of high school, people would ask me do to music for video games but I would complete the project before they even solidified their own work.

I was left with extra music and they would not finish their own game. But I was left with more music.

Indeed, I was able to learn quite a lot from extending midi staffs from several video games and learning the way they create melody, harmonies and different musical tools.

Applying remixes to some of my favourite songs and adjusting in a manner which implodes the original and adds a compendium of ideas bending the mind of  the listener. It all left me for a taste for more.


GuileBefore the meme of “Guile Music Goes with everything” came out I was remixing Guile’s theme to a great degree of effectiveness in High School. Everyone loved it, when I would share it on my headphones on a Discman, they were floored.

When I would share some of my work they were stupefied by how I made certain things happening with Left/Right panning effects. It was fun then and it’s still fun.

Eddy Gordo

I was thrilled to have touched so much game music. Another theme I had fun recently in the  is Eddy Gordo’s theme from Tekken. I was very passionate about that game during recess we would play Tekken Tag during Lunch.634-Eddy_GordoI’ve always loved film music and game music. Even my Atlantis EP had an Asteroid arcade reference.

Nova Spire – Arcade Theme 001

Fast forward to last weekend. I create this new track that is rooted in my love for video games and inspiration and energy of the music.

Sometimes I just make a track all in one go. I wrote this track all on June 24, Saturday 2016, morning while I was actually fasting that day.

The opening has a square pluck arp that bounces along and has fills of fifths and sevenths which are built in to the synthesizer. All the while the cutoff filter rises and lowers and and adds a varying vibe throughout the track.

The drums have hi-hats with a jackknife swiftness there are two different close hi hats talking between each other and gives a different rhythm to the track. The kick is rather low and booming.


The melody has a feel that I wanted give similar to a fighter theme.

I gave layers so as it progressed it felt more like an RPG, that actual time was passing and happening accordingly, a story.

The melody is my favorite part of the whole track as well as the second voicing melodic. Theme music for fighters I noticed has it’s ups and downs melodically. The melody enjoys to repeat and echo, similar to classical music. But there is a certain grit to it.

All together the layers adds a story, depth and sophistication which I love about video games and video game music.

I hope you enjoy the track!

It some kind of futuristic cyberpunk fighter as the subtle background visuals hints at. Enjoy!

All in an electronic dance music form.

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