Easy, Free and Fun Virtual Online Instruments For Beginners Of Electronic Music

Every once and a while there’s an interesting piece of online instruments that come out that are really interesting for me not only as a producer but also as just a person that enjoy’s sharing with my non-musically inclined friends.

Html 909

HTML 909
There are the TR-909 and TR-808. These are fairly accurate emulations and interpretations as far drum-groove boxes. They each have their own Trackings, Pattern Tempo, Volume and Patterned Step sequencer. There are a couple bugs in the html-909. You can switch from a tab and it seems to cut or jumble the pattern in half. It’s still to play with as connoisseur as well as a complete amateur. You can totally understand how programming was accomplished before full-on Workstation keyboard stations or your regular Digital Audio Workstations

Html 808

HTML 808
808’s seem to have a grand resurgence. I believe it is because the kick is just a tremendous sub-woofer kind of thud to it. If you have it connected to a good quality system, you just might wake up your neighbours!

The Theremin

Theremin2 by Femur is a really interesting Synth instrument. Emulating the theremin. As a beginner you can learn a little bit about the Synthesizer and how it works. This theremin has 4 oscillators. Delay/Feedback and “Scuzz” the Mobile editions have other recording options the CPU one does not.

My favourite is to play with the Scuzz notching it up and down. Some people immediately try to do the Dr.Who theme other people just try to make it sound like a racecar. Either way it’s fun to mess around and discover some interesting harmonics!

Tone matrix

is a very fun tool to create pattern loop melodies that are created on a tone matrix where you push white squares on a sequence. It’s really fun to make basic melodies. A really fun audio tool.  You can come with mini-counterpoint and counter melodies. I love it! It can get really complicated with a bunch of synths and effects they have. It includes a mixer, if you add the drums. It has it’s own 303 and 909 tools. They sound really great!

If you have sufficient tabs, laptop or mobile tools. You might be able to make a concert of these electronic instruments. And you can create some interesting material.

Overall really fun instruments to play with, tweak, entertain or jam on the go. I’m always intrigued by the latest musical gizmos and gadget’s for devices.

What I liked about these is that they are fairly simple to use and they can be used with an on a tablet for example.

Let me know if you know of any others.

If you want to hear how I use the modified classic 909 drum samples, check out my latest release. I released May 2nd 2016. It’s very electronic, with a lot of rich synthetics and vintage drum samples : Acidchains.

acid chains cover 3It features these kinds of drum sounds moddifed, beefed up, glitched and compressed to my amusement.



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