NEW ALBUM: Acidchains (2016) Ottawa Music [Electronica, IDM, Synthpop]


Acid chains electronica ottawa music art cover butterfly lsd Back: Acid chains electronica ottawa music art cover butterfly lsd Acidchains Acidchains is a pseudonym. Acidchains is 21st Century Rave-pop music. I started of writing under the alias Acidchains title around Spring 2014 and I had more than 50 tracks set.

I uploaded a bunch of tracks on acidchains soundcloud. Originally, I didn’t want to share anyone. I requested genuine feedback from the public and not from people I know. I wanted to keep it to myself. But I decided to share it anyway.

I had left breadcrumbs of this alias in another alias I used, Klomb Infidel Remixes.  I think people wonder why an artist would have different aliases.

The answer to that for me is simply style and discovery.  I want to be able to experiment with different styles. I want to be able to enter with fresh ears and I don’t want to use my Nova Spire moniker. It is under the umbrella.

In terms of style, acidchains is 21st rave music is kind of the tagline but there is really a melting pot of style, while acid basslines inspired by the Bass machine TB-303 is definitely used outright.

On first couple of tracks there is an innocence and almost a pop sensibility. In other instances, there are qualities of abstraction and psychedelia. There is a lot going on synthetically, to keep the listeners interest.


Here are promo’s that I created for the Acidchains album:

Jimmy Fallon Holding Acid chains Record LP electronica ottawa music art cover butterfly lsd Acid chains comic meme psychedelic electronica ottawa music art cover butterfly lsd Salvador Dali Acid chains electronica ottawa music art cover butterfly lsd Brain scan Acid chains electronica ottawa music art cover butterfly lsd Drake meme Hotline bling Acid chains electronica ottawa music art cover butterfly lsd Rare Pepe meme - shell - soon Acid chains electronica ottawa music art cover butterfly lsd


On Nebo Discovery, I use fat, thick beefed up 909 inspired drums and there are variations of these kind of drums throughout the album.  I think there is something juice and jagged about the analog emulated synths here and I really like that I modulate them throughout the track to keep interest. It is a very melodic track and has some harmonics.

Zoza Beach Guitar has a very Indie Rock open anthem feel, that are actually Guitar samples from the classic synth that is actually one of the first Tape-sampled keyboard synths called the Mellotron. I love the sound it’s really organic. There’s a synth lead solo which I rarely do but it’s fun and it was highly complementary to the track.

Raver is a throwback track. It begins with a classic harp chord progression and it will have people feeling nostalgic. I find people will be remind of some 90’s tracks here. I gradually bring this track to an 90’s Acid house rave, followed by a melodic piano line reminiscent of The Prodigy’s early rave days.

Shellter has some live recording and bass modulations. Originally the rhythm that sparked it all – that I had in my head was Outkast. The track slowly builds and evolves from the main bassline that sounds like it is being played in another room – which is all intentional. Could be worse ends exactly as it is titled – sounding worse. I transpose the harmonics, the bass, the melody in to a dark brooding feel.

Rebel Shot is me having fun. I love using chords that implicate and instill fear. I have FM bassline and an old funk feel to the groove rolling bassline and I use a lot of diminished chords and lines with different percussion and other instrumentation.  I use a good deal of effects on this track. I use a vocoder here.

Till The Break Of Dawn is the product of wanting to create a track that feels like it is being played at a warehouse. It is another ode to 90’s rave music. It features a lot of bass, acid and breakbeat like drum samples, and vocoded vocals. I used an interesting stereo widening and reverberated effect.

Dreams Come True is based on the same template as could be worse but I change the manner in which the drums interact and I use some celesta. I truly believe that this one has an inspring sound. As though someone just looking and wishing at the stars as their dreams come true. I enjoy creating uplifting tracks sometimes.

Cherry Dew Drops  has a dark tinge yet there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Here I experiment with the textures of drums and contrast that with much brighter instrumentation and synth and effects.

Genuine Compliments (ESP) is me being romantic with Maj7/Min7 chords and offering genuine compliments to the listener. I think it’s amusing especialy since I used a vocoder on this track. It eventually rises with a complimentary acid basslines. Fairly ambient. I think this track easily displays my Aphex Twin influence very well.

Forget Me Not is a mellow and jazzy tune. I use this track as almost a break between music. If had different rhythm I would say there’s a little bit of Masive Attack inspiration.  I use synthesizers and I plug them into guitar pedals and I get all kinds of wild sounds and emotions.

No Use Hiding this is my Venetian Snares/Aphex Twin influence glowing in full effect. Loads of instrumentation and synths, effects, panning. A lot of texture work and a lot of precision of drum samples. I went over this track with a microscope.

I AM is an ode to the Chemical Brothers/Fluke Big beat/Break beat Acid style. I wrap the album with this track and it has a really thick Juicy acid line on dense breakbeats and massive Vangelis evolving, inspired strings.

I hope you enjoy my album under the alias acidchains. I have several influences and I had a lot of fun creating this album.

If you enjoy it or know someone that may enjoy it please share with them and help support me. Thank you!

Here it is on bandcamp:

Here it is on Youtube


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