Why Blood Donation Is Great For Your Health

You should consider donating blood. Blood is always in need. You can always benefit from a donation. What do I mean by that? blood_cells_RBCs


I’ve been keeping and eye on the blog roguehealthfitness.com and P.D. Mangan offers thorough and credible hypothesis with sources that reinstate Iron in the blood as one of the nasty culprits of many ailments.

At first it seemed too simple an idea to me. But I reserved my judgement and continued reading.

He goes into much greater detail. I will give you a simple break down on the idea.


Ferritin is a kind of storage in the body that holds iron. P.D. Mangan has demonstrated how Iron corelates to Pre-mature death, Inflammation, Heart disease, Aging/Wrinkles as well as Alzheimer.

Average ferritin levels are around 24 to roughly 300 per milliliters.

Keeping ferritin low is shown to correlate to better health. Ferritin is found in the body but there is no real method of secretion. Thus, there are only a few process’ that are possible to remove Ferritin (Iron) from the body.

You can either affect it inside your body or you can eliminate via Bloodletting – a very old medical system used to draw away blood and prevent illness and disease – today’s modern equivalent would be Blood donation.

800px-Gersdorff_Feldbuch_s16Iron levels and their consequence is not fully understood in the current medical mainstream, which. P.D. Mangan is hoping to change.

Healthy Foods Polyphenols/Quercetin

There appears to be a lot of evidence to suggest that a lot of the mainstream health advice  talk about foods and phytochemicals that are considered to be good for our health such as green Tea, Coffee, Curcumi, Red Wine, (Quercetin, Polyphenols etc.) actually have a mechanism which allows the human body affect Iron.

The basic premise of these health chemicals found in foods and beverages is that they bind to Ferritin and in simple terms, cancels it out.

Here are just some examples of the chemical Quercetin that are found in foods:


Donating Blood

While there is a method of affecting the iron in your blood by the things you consume, likewise but you can affect the iron levels greatly by donating blood.

I would recommend donating blood if you want to have optimal health and removing additional iron stores found in the blood.

If you eat a lot of Red meat you are prone for risk of certain disease. It would be highly advisable if you currently have higher than average ferritin stored, one should donate blood.

I believe this a clever idea that P.D. Mangan has brought back to the limelight. Hopefully, it receives more attention

Check out http://roguehealthandfitness.com/ for more information in regards to Iron levels in the blood and more on Health/Fitness/Longevity.

Image result for dumping iron


Donating Blood in Canada

The great thing today is you don’t have to throw a bunch of leeches on you to suck out your blood. You don’t need somebody to smack your head in and let the blood out in coarse areas.

You can have it all done in safe, clinical environment.

We have learned that not only will you potentially be helping several people that are in dire need of blood, but in reality you can now benefit yourself! It’s a WIN-WIN.

To donate blood in Canada is really easy. Visit: https://blood.ca

Here is P.D. Mangan in his own words:


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