New Track: Tralfamadore Psytrance 2016 [Ottawa Music]

Psytrance 2016 New Track

Here is a track I wrote based on psytrance music. But first I shall go a little into the background of psytrance.


My greatest influence for writing psychedelic electronic music has to be Juno Reactor. Their early work sort of pioneered the Goa/Psy Trance sound of early and mid 90’s.


juno reactor labyrinthLater on Juno Reactor update and adjusted it’s sound with more natural instruments from different ethnicities including African Percussion and influences in Indian Music. I have remixed Juno Reactor several times before.

Juno-Reactor-bandI wrote this track quite quickly a if it came down. That is how I write a lot my songs. It’s often in the spur of the moment. I swerve into blasts of inspiration and I must continue until I feel the entire or most of the vision has been accomplished.

Psytrance Templates

A lof of commercialized psytrance has a definite template involved. When I listen to modern psytrance, the sounds are far more squelchy and clinical.

The kick drums on psytrance songs are often have squished pogo effect with a low subbass impact as well as a laser like click accentuating the entire kick drum.

psyTranceKickThe bassline that subsequently follow can be between the beats and or it can build to 16ths on a bar. Making the speed and the rhythm of the track to build as it progresses.

Basslines and Leads

Once the kick and bassline have been establish there is typically hi hats and percussive elements that accentuate different areas of the rhythm.

In the between bars and sequences there are usually FX that transition all of this together.

The leads are “Psychedelic” there is a lot of delay/echoes and it feels as though it overwhelms the sound.

I feel a lot of the Psytrance and Goa of the 90’s early had a thick Low-mid region. While todays modern material has a lot of highs and it is more open and digital.

Psytrance 2016 Track

My new track I produced was an ode to the older material.

It was less about imitating the present psytrance but also expanding on the style and textures and tone of before with my unique flair.

My fascinating and main objective in music was typically to create drama, tension and ultimately a climax.

I don’t like when a track has an intro, builds descends into a break then repeats. Or has an ABAB pattern but an ABC pattern. I want it to expand and encapsulate and invigorate me when I listen, to reach a climax.

I think it I were to describe it to the completely uninitiated I would say Goa/Psytrance is like the Hippie version of electronic music with references to drugs, peace and various psychedelic influence.

psyThat’s what I wanted to achieve with creating my track. I feel I have succeeded. So here is my track I hope you enjoy!

I have also added video clips that I was lucky to find as Creative Commons and Public Domain to use and prepare.

Please subscribe by clicking the link in the video. Thank you.



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