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How To Create A Deep House Track

I love exploring different styles of music. I’ve worked with different house music before.
Deep house music is one of those style that I’ve been meaning to try.

Deep house music is a style that has evolved from the mid-90’s. Tempo is typically at 120 bpm to 128 bpm.

It seems the style from the 90’s worked around 120bpm. Today’s bpm typically ranges around 128 bpm for Electro House music in general. 128 beats per minute is typical as it is a good average of modern electronic music. From the upper 140’s to below 120 beats per minute.

Deep house music is typically characterized by a bassline that vibrates along with a 4 on the floor Kick drum. The drums are a typical Electronic house staple, also known as “Oonce Oonce” An Onomatopoeic idiom to symbolize the back and forth between Kick drum and Open Hi-hat.

Deep House Chords can use keyboards, either Rhodes or various synth pads and synth lines. I will go into the types of chords I find particularly attractive in Deep House music later.

There is often percussion added to the beat and it adds a shuffle and offers the listener to sway and dance. It provides the motion on top of the backbone of the 4 beat Kickdrum.

and signature soul vocals with good reverb to enhance the aesthethic.


You can use drums that are electronic from various styles and packs. But they are typically laid down as 4-on-the-Floor:

Notice how there is a skip to the rhythm. It adds a little bounce in the step.


On a 16 tick Bar Pattern. We can program the Bassline rhythm follows on the pattern sequencer as so. The Notes Are In C :

deep house ottawa music electronica bassline

To add variation and flash to the bassline rhythm you can add ghost notes. Ghost Notes that are slight lower in Velocity/Volume that catch up to the next note.

These notes add a human quality. In FL studio you can also use the swing parameter to add bounce or change the syncopation, just as with the velocity parameters.This will add good flavour to the track. It can look like this:

deep house ottawa music electronica

There need not be a lot of complexity for the bassline but it should go between different key for every bar to call upon a new chord. As an example, for instance a 4 bar pattern would be something that evolves to bars of C, F, Emin, Emin.

deep house ottawa music electronica bassline

This is what that would look like on a piano roll.

A simple way to produce chords is to shoot off from the root note as suggested and you can use a piano or organ to create some chords. It should follow the rhythm and bassline.

deep house ottawa music electronica v2

Adding variety to your bassline one the chords have been laid on the piano roll. The ghost invisible notes of the piano/chords are visible and you can lift the notes.

As a simple rule you can take all the root notes and lift them above or below as long as they are within the same chord.

For the first bar I take the 3rd note and 5th note a C Octave higher. For the second bar I also raise an octave.

But I also raise the 5th note a fifth from F to C (Notice how it lines up with the piano notes. This is just a guideline you can mess around with rearranging the notes later.

deep house ottawa music electronica

Keyboards/Pads (Chords)

There is a certain romanticism, soulful, dreamy and invigorating quality to the chords. You can use simple chords as the ones used in the image (Such as major and minor chords.)

Assuming you understand some music theory and you want your track to pop and really swell with emotion you can use some for loving and soulful chords such as Major 7th and Minor 7th.

Another positive and uplifting chord I love to implement are 7sus4, these are really optimistic sounding chords.


Percussion should rhyme with the bass or compliment the 4onthe floor pattern.


Vocals with lyrics are not entirely necessary but they do add a lot to a track. A sample from a soulful track or a recorded voice can add a cherry on top of the track and can elevate the feeling of the track.

My Deep House

There are several little subtleties and nuances that arise when trying to produce a deep house track. I would recommend listening to old mixes and new mixes of the style that you are interested and going from there. Just remember to have fun! I hope you enjoyed my basic breakdown of creating a deep house track.

Here I have a track I created from scratch (It’s not the example track.) But I had really fun time creating it around November 2015. I hope you dig it! I have one link from my soundcloud and one from my youtube account, Enjoy!:

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