Why I Admire The US Navy Seals

US Navy Seals

Do you know of the US Navy Seals? People that know of them may see them almost in a caricature view. They are almost fictitious in their discipline, attitude and overall sense of values.

Navy Seals are often displayed as heroes. Seals are a common theme for video games and army films. But what truly lies behind the Navy Seals is what I admire of them.

Seals are a kind of higher breed of discipline. Designed for certain missions, designed to withstand certain tasks and duties.

After reading, seeing and understanding the Seals training through documentaries and books my admiration is ever present.

The military experience is definitely a noteworthy experience. People often recognize or have known people who have entered and come back from regiments completely different. Like day and night.US_Navy_SEALs_insignia

There is a forthright attitude, their outlook and physique is modified. To me it seems like a rite of passage for a man. A kind of reawakening.

While the leaders of the camp also can become like fathers to men who never had the role model or figures to instill discipline and mental toughness.


The camaraderie in the US navy seals, shines through as their values. There is a brotherhood, of the collective. There resolve must be great. Their work as a team to tackle obstacles also becomes part of their ethos.

Physical Fitness

Navy Seals must be in peak physical condition. After all, they are an amphibious team. They are designed to carry out missions that can take them anywhere from underwater, from the air and across mountains and different geographical locations and weather.

They’ve got to be able to pull their own weight.

Not only do they pull their own weight. They have to pull the weight of their Armor, weapons, ammo etc.

They have to be able throw a team mate over their shoulder and carry them if they are wounded. Exercise is a must. Strength is a necessary requirement in becoming a Navy Seal.

From a young age I would remember watching films that were army related and the fitness training montages being what stood out for me. As much as people want to get on of “War bad” “Guns bad”, the standard of physical fitness is paramount with the Navy Seals and I believe it should be highly valued and respected.


With a motto such as “The only easy day was yesterday” it acknowledges that the hard days are coming and it is designed as such. Only the past is easy in the rear view, what is ahead is the challenge.

But in acknowledging it, it is a motto that is in command by it’s sheer willingness to move on to the next day.

Realizing that this is the way it is, but we will remain grounded and prepare ourselves for the following days. Great general motto.

Navy SEALs Have a ’40 Percent Rule’

Discipline is one of the most important aspects of becoming a kind of super-human. Without discipline humanity would not be where we are.

It is through delayed gratification, a constant diligence and a mental toughness that the days are won.

The discipline of Navy Seal is admirable to me because it is the essence of their practice. In training, to become a Navy Seal they are required to sustain an incredible amount of physical and mental burdens and exercises.

They endure and they thrive in these conditions.

It is through determination and discipline. If they don’t put the work in necessary to stay afloat, through discipline then they can’t complete their duty, their mission or their training.

US Navy SEALs Obstacle Course Helmet Cam

Here is a video of the Navy Seals, through the view of an obstacle course helmet Cam. A very harrowing experience. As the video says, this guy makes it look easy. I say they should have at least strapped him with a couple of extra weights.

Not only does it show the physical aspect I said but there was definitely discipline to get that level of ease. Not all the tasks are just physical but some mental as well. There is also test of balance, visual acuity and it’s also testing the rate and speed at which it can be done. Plus you got to keep under a time limit.

There’s some pretty cool driving electronic rock music to the video too.

It is a select few that are capable of withstanding US Seal Training. That is understood.

However, I believe it is that toughness, strength and mentality that should be adopted for winning in life and getting through the grind and whatever the day brings.

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