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How To Create Electronica IDM On The Spot Using A Korg Keyboard

Most people receive or are rewarded a graduation ring for high school, which I think is silly.

But my parents decided to purchase a Korg workstation when I graduated.

These things are not cheap. This thing weighs about 40 pounds. Pure beef.

King Korg

Not to be confused with the Korg I used while playing for the Encephalon show (As seen on the right picture) was a King Korg model.

Which has very thick, warm and fat analog sound. Both have really good synthesis.

There are some sounds on the King Korg that sound like the producer Benny Benassi Hit song “Satisfaction” as well as Classic Techno song by Underworld “Born Slippy.”


The more organic sounds and instrumentation are a little bit dated today. But I’m sure like most technology they will become “Vintage” in the near future.

People always want to reproduce sound of before. They want to enjoy the quirks of the past.

I believe it was Brian Eno that said what was before – the errors, the erroneous parts of

recording will be seen as virtue in the future.

I think it goes similarly for synthesizers. The old becomes popular again.

In a lot ways, it is correct with electronic music production. But I digress.

Korg Triton LE

I’m quite surprised about what I can produce with my Korg LE.

I’m usually highly invested in creating my music on the computer with minimal recording and connectivity between the keyboard.

The synthesis offers a lot possibility for programming and coordinating new sounds.

My only gripe is that the screen is to small and the buttons are a hassle to work with.

I prefer to work on the computer.

This was an impromptu recording of the Korg Triton. A one-off. It serves as a reminder of how fantastic the sound is synthetically but also the percussion and drum programming machine.

Triton LE

The Beat’s tempo, groove and feel is reminiscent of Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker. It is around the same tempo.

I have remixed Aphex Twin before. It seems he manipulates a lot of his DJ mixes in the same way. It’s unbelievably fun!

There are 88-keys.

There are only four knobs on the Korg. But there’s a button to pinpoint between three parameters, thus leaving 12 parameters to be activated.

My set up allowed me to trigger different effects, while also manipulating the preset that I have programmed.

Thus, there are fills and different effects occuring as I judge and interpret where I feel the sound should go and move.

Although, it is seemingly easy but it takes a moment to understand the programming and learning how to manipulate the machine.

I hope you enjoy my Rhythmic Improtu Jam, Thank you!

Korg Triton Jam

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