Ottawa Music, Modern Electronic Music Composer for Film, TV, Business, Student Projects etc.

Welcome, I am a composer in Ottawa, Canada. I am known as Nova Spire I am located in the Nation’s Capital, Ottawa, Canada. I have a modest home studio where I produce electronic music and big sound. I am constantly writing music, creating piano pieces, creating synth patches, electronic and organic.

I have been creating music on computer since the age of 13. I always had a passion for creating music, drones and noises, what have you, for the images that come to rise in the mind and on film. In the beginning of my journey, I would often take requests from friends of what they wanted to hear from me, stylistically. On occasion, offering remixes for friends as well.

Followed by sequences of events and mentors that had influenced my music life I have decided to delve further in musical composition. The idea of composing for film naturally came about and it was essentially an extension of what I have been doing for the greater period of my life without compensation in my early years.

In terms of style, I have a wide palate and can adjust according to demands. I come from a piano music background so I can deliver musicality with finesse but I am also keen on creating modern music, from Electronica, ambient, hip-hop to industrial. Genres are often good for providing reference to style, soothing like ambient, more urban with hip-hop or just harsh and aggressive with industrial. Variety has proven to helpful for mixing and developing new ideas for new projects.

Here a some examples of different styles and approaches to music I create:

Gift” – Piano

High Energy Protons” – 80’s Synthwave Pop

“Holographic” – EDM

“Aesthete” – Ambient/Film 

I am constantly perfecting my sound. Sometimes I aim to create something that I may use in future projects. For instance, I will do a music series based on mood or rhythm. In order to reflect mood for a future musical request.  I probably have already written a piece of music which could be used for YOUR next project.

Now that the internet communications has provided us with mobility, I can now deliver results for projects anywhere around the world. Which was one of the great things about my last project, the Sci-fi Film Replica 114, which I composed the music for, when the Director is from Texas and I reside Canada, most communication was simply handled via E-mail. I was satisfied with the results as was the director.

If you wish to contact me for a music project for film, Apps, TV, Remixes for commercial purposes or any kind of queries, you can reach me here:

Thank you. Have a Brilliant day.

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