NEW MUSIC: Deus – My Piano and Classical Music Inspired 42-Track Album Compilation


Modern Piano and Classical Music Album

Deus is my piano and classical music inspired compilation I’ve created over the years. Deus consists of 42 tracks. They range in style from with Baroque with it’s harpsichords and musical ornamentation to more contemporary sounding piano for film scores.

Deus has some tracks with just piano and other’s are more intentional, dramatic, with strings and brass to paint an image in to the mind.

I curated these tracks in order to serve as a testament that does not include my primarily synth-laden material.

While it is always fun creating synth heavy music. It is also beautiful to create something that is more raw, bare and bones. There is no hiding behind a plethora of effects or a multitude of instrumentation. It is just pure, served front and center.

I believe it is essential for me to not only create material that I want to look back on and say I worked hard to produce and be proud of but to also serve as a homage to my original piano studies that took a back seat after my love for synth music.

It is commonly cried that people’s attention span is diminishing due to the fast pace and accessibility of the internet on smartphones. But I don’t believe that everyone lacks the rigor to attentively listen to music. People that want to find music that moves them and has heart, dynamics and require attentiveness and thought will always find the music they need.

The track’s are short enough to quickly consume but are intricate enough to want to listen again.

On the page I dedicate the album to my folks as well as people that enjoy interpreting and critically analyzing music, not just an auditory summation but as musical notes on a page, withered down to it’s musicology.

This album Deus, is released today November 9, 2015. The current year.

Thank you for listening.

Here is the final product:

“From the beginning of time, we, in spite of our bodily appetites and desires, in the midst of all our clinging to earthly and impermanent things, have ever been intuitively conscious of the limited, transient, and illusionary nature of our material existence, and in our sane and silent moments have tried to reach out into a comprehension of the infinite, and have turned with tearful aspiration toward the restful reality of the eternal heart.”

This is a collection of piano and instrumental music inspired by the baroque, the classical and film music. In Deus, I use all my ability and explore new style, creativity and imagination. I showcase my capabilities in scoring and create new imagery and visuals for film and different art mediums. It also serves as a portfolio for my compositions that are not primarily synth based.

Dedicated to my Mother and Father. And those with a long time preference.

Thank you for listening.

Run-time: 122 minutes.

Gift – The first release in my piano series:


4 thoughts on “NEW MUSIC: Deus – My Piano and Classical Music Inspired 42-Track Album Compilation

  1. Thank you for the follow! I only had a second to read the first part of your post, but I am really excited to see what you’ve created!

    I’ve always been amazed on how us composers can portray the “same story” but in our own language

    Again, can’t wait to hear your material!

    Liked by 1 person

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