Nova Spire – Canadian Electronica Artist Music Video – As Above So Below – IDM-Braindance-Ambient

Here I’ll share my most astounding videos that is IDM in nature. I have not released this track on any offical releases but it has succesful viewership and I believe it is one my most intricate and it is a unique out-the-box kind of track. I recall the creation the entirety of the track took approximately 4 hours, while the creation of the video happened the following day, in 4 hours no less.

The creation of the music consisted of me first defining the parameters that I wanted. I knew I wanted to create IDM music, or a more intricate electronic sound but was not all sure of what I was going to create. I had called up over 20 synthesizer sounds and drums and loops and it was one of the first tracks that I wrote linearly, meaning I wrote it from beginning to end with no breaks (I typically do it in pieces or during other times, interchangeably creating different parts.)

I will perhaps release a greater IDM more intricate collection in the future. My output is nothing short of prolific. Over 3 years I’ve accumulated a thousand tracks, some great – some good. The thing now is that I have to organize them by style and genres.

The concept of this video and music clip “As Above So Below” concerns the traditional usage of dichotomy in life and found everywhere in nature. It is also a hermetic notion and natural hierarchical adage, vis a vis the essense of the universe. The first part uses more erratic, skippy beats and percussion and synthesis, while the other half has a more ambient landscape. There is also a psychedelic sensation that the video evokes using many digital and analog glitchiness and colours I had sourced from many different pieces of online content.

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If you want to take a listen at one of my previous IDM EP releases, that would be the: VISIONS EP

Thank you for listening!


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