What I Learned From Haidt’s Book: “The Righteous Mind” On Politics and Religion


I believe that the greatest divide between politics and intellectual discourse between people has never been completely polar opposites. Everyone is incredibly invested in their “team.” Politics is an incredibly expansive and bold topic to cover today. People are highly reflexive about their position and it's a very touchy subject for most. You see it …


Klomb II (2015) – New Release Now Available – Electronica, Ethnic/Fusion, Industrial

Klomb II Cover Art electronica ottawa canada artist

Klomb II  (2015) - New Release Now Available - Electronica, Ethnic/Fusion, Industrial https://novaspire.bandcamp.com/album/klomb-ii Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oULTuAvfbOI  Finally. Now Announcing. I will be releasing my second and final installment as Klomb June 24th. Where I think the first one has feminine qualities to it, this one will be a definite more physical, and masculine. I believe it to …

How I Write And Layer My Tracks For Trap Electronic Music (Neo-Tokyo Themed Track)


Process Here I'll lay down my thought process of how I create a song. The whole project took approximately 2 hours. I work on it with tunnel vision. I wrote this track while I was fasting on a Sunday morning, I didn't eat until I finished the track. I mixed all the music when I …