How I Created The Devil’s Waltz To Test My Creativity

In 2008 I decided to challenge myself by creating waltz music. Around this time, I was experimenting a lot with harsher electronic sounds. This was a different aspect of my music, I wanted to broaden my brush and just expand and explore new creative territory.

I always enjoy challenging myself with different genres and styles. In that time, I had heard Juno Reactor/Ben Watkins scoring on the Japanese animated film Brave Story and I was inspired.

Rather than his scoring from the Matrix, this film used less electronic elements. It was a more dramatic score that put his musical composer cap on in the forefront.

I decided to give a go with experimenting. What I ended up doing was listening to a few Waltzes online and trying to interpret the music, the flow and the way the sound moves from one instrument to another.Waltz1816_72

I thought creating music such as a waltz would be incredibly out of my comfort zone. But I wanted it to explore myself while also expressing a waltz in a way that would be different and fresh to me.

I tried to envision a waltz for film that could be considered dark and cheeky. That is why I titled it Devil’s Waltz. The sound I was going for would be something Tim Burton could easily sink his teeth on.

Looking back, I have no recollection of how I put everything together exactly. But today, musically I find it is actually cheeky. I do a 3/4 feeling type of base, a typical waltz sound with the string section while it’s actually on a backbone of 5/4, it gives a strange impression of starting and stopping. As if the string section is going to interject with saying something then it refrains from continuing.

I was playing a lot with the sounds, texture and colour. This is evident with how the french horns and piano comes in bringing in a new dimension. It has a sly style, a certain flow, a kind of teasing.

The end has a sample from the infamous bottomless pit recording of hell. With a bunch of screaming I thought it would be a kick to put in, a kind of smirk and wink on my part.

Though I haven’t released this piece officially and I have it on soundcloud on private, I feel as though it’s a pivotal point in my creativity. This is when I felt if I could settle some time for myself, I can figure out any style I wanted to try. Today, I still continue to make compositions from my head, from visions or scenes in my mind, for practice, learning and for whatever may lie ahead.

It’s idiosyncratic, it’s dark. It’s a very atypical waltz, but I still love it. Everything about the song feels strange.


“What If you had a waltz with the Devil? Comments and Follows are welcomed and appreciated!”

*UPDATE* This track is now available on my album “DEUS



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