What To Find In A Collaborating Artist: In Art And EDM

Collaboration-Artists-EDM-Electronica-Music-ArtCollaborating With Other Artists

Here I shall write what tends to work best in collaboration for myself. It’s little details that can make any artistic collaboration far more enjoyable.

You can make a mental check note for yourself or your collaborator(s).

These are not all essential but they are great to work in with a collaboration, of any artistic endeavor really. This from my experience with collaborating and remixing etc.

A Pusher

If you’re grinding it out most of the time on your own and you don’t have anyone to edit and look back on your work, someone that provide a little encouragement to perfect your work is a godsend.

These kinds of people push you in a great direction. In hindsight, someone who is too pushy and has to many rules and expectation may lead to never get to your goal. A moderate that can push but is not pushy works.

Mutual interests

If you’re on the same island of musical interests, you have potential to write something that will produce great results. It’s all about finding someone you can vibe with, that pick your antennas.

A group can’t like all set of music but if you both align in the center of a Venn diagram – that’s where the magic will be.

If you do not have the same things that peak your interests then, there can be dispute over what to create. If there is common ground, creative patches will be sown beautifully.

Complimentary Skills

When I figure I know some aspect of production better, I’ll let the person know, when the other person does, they tell me. All things can’t be known, so it’s good to have a person that it is complimentary. A coincidental, theoretical opposite, that can teach, help and grow your skills in other parts of the arena.

Singing is not my strong suit – music production is – if a person requires music for their great writing or singing I can fit in that transaction. It’s a matter of fitting the puzzle pieces to benefit the entire party. When people are complimentary and share a mutual respect it can be harmonious.

Balanced Aptitudes and Experiences

This is an addendum to the complimentary. I say balanced in the sense that you have experience in certain skills but your weaknesses will be brought up by your collaboration.

If there is no sense of balance, it may be like overbearing challenge for one individual. The work slides heavier on the more apt. The inexperienced will feel he has to catch up and will feel strung along.

Attitude: No Egos

This one is simple. Nobody likes drama queens. When I collaborate, ideas should be in the the air. While no one is identified with this or that. Just going with the flow but making things work.

If egos are too strong a person will feel inclined to make drastic changes and take care of the entire project with little care or attention to other partners. When there is no ego in a project, correction and improvements can be drawn without fear of negativity or criticism.

Presence: Staying In The Moment

If you see a guitarist on stage, when they are on – you know it- you’ll feel it. That person is in the moment. While electronic music is a recording process, the summoning of ideas is just as a spontaneous event as a live performance. When taken out of the instant you are out of direct connection with a muse. You gotta stay in the moment.

You will worry, question and second guess about what note or activity is next. A person that is in the moment may make a mistake, but it will occur graciously like a child spilling milk – no one can get mad, he’s just going through the motions.

Creative Freedom

This goes hand in hand with Staying in the moment. Creative freedom as an expression of flexibility and ego-less happening. Not being too rigid or too soft in creative steps, both parties can flourish and share their goal and produce a better outcome.

Have Fun

I hope you have a collaboration with these characteristics to flow!

Here’s one collaboration I had with fun with, Planet V Dubstep out of my hometown, enjoy!

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