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Opening The Doors Of Creativity With Terence McKenna

Terence Mckenna is a compelling speaker. Some people enjoy the way he speaks, some do not. What I do love about his lectures, is his ability to articulate his ideas and his tremendous lexicon of words.

He has a certain rhythm, that he tends to keep with his wording, I feel it is intentional. Most of his lectures were recorded from the 90’s and usually dealt with psychedelics and their usage for humanity and artists.

Here I share a fantastic lecture on “Opening The Doors Of Creativity” It’s about Terence Mckenna’s notion of creativity.This lecture is far broader than his typical musings and it’s a great topic for the artist.

Hope you get some value out of it. Here are some talking points:

This is a call to action for Artists.

The universe is an art machine, a continuous machine of imagination.

Natures creativity is the wellspring of human creativity. Emerging out of nature, humans are natures finest work of art.

Bending boundaries of art. A permission for the unthinkable.

Understanding is the precondition of creativity

“Novelty conserving engines”

What is creativity? Nature is the great visible engine of creativity against which all other things are measured.

“It’s a matter of saving our own souls”

“Art is to leave the animal domain behind.”

“The psychedelic experience shows you more art in an hour and a half, then the human species has produced in 15, 20 thousand years. This is an incredible claim. This is why I make it…”

“Culture is a plot against the expansion of consciousness”

“This plot prosecutes it’s goals through a limiting of language, language is the battle ground where the fight will take place. What we cannot say, we cannot communicate.”

2 replies on “Opening The Doors Of Creativity With Terence McKenna”

Really good stuff here. A couple nuances based on a Taoist frame looking at the creativity of natural systems. I used to think culture was a plot against the expansion of consciousness, but now I usually have faith that culture is the plot within the expansion of consciousness. Its like our species’ vocation, our equivalent to a colony of ants building a great nest. The other thing is about language as a limiting battleground. Rumi says that language hides our beauty. I believe this is both true and not necessarily the ultimate potential of language, which perhaps also show potential to facilitate the further incarnation of OUR beauty, goodness, mutual creativity. Anyway, thanks for bringing this back out into the atmosphere of this days culture. Appreciate it and you.

Gerald Oliver

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