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Escape The Dream World: Comfort Is The Nemesis

Get Uncomfortable and Keep Moving Forward

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone can prove to be a worthwhile cause. I find the average lifestyle is lived to the level where luxury, immediate gratification, satiety and comfort take a front seat. I see the average lifestyle as decadent, thrill-seeking, lazy and of without a sense of direction.

The average person has no values, no principles, no discipline and live a life of temporary satisfaction and complacency. Sounds like I really believe in the average person huh?

I’m writing this from my heart knowing I can get heat for it. The way the average person lives is mismanaged because our behaviour can only modelled from the people surrounding us. Or to the limits of our understanding.

Joe Rogan host of Joe Rogan Experience, points out often on this, calling it the momentum. Claiming we get locked into a pattern of our own lives like clockwork.

But I wonder how can we get rid of this feeling of being locked into a groundhog day of momentum. Everyday shouldn’t feel exactly the same.

Mind, Body and Emotions

People live life squandering. A person from the top down is influenced from our bodies – what we eat what we don’t eat. Our physical fitness level, the levels of drugs and alcohol in our system.

The mind is also another component that we debase and take for granted. Emotionally, people can become a wreck because of any number of combinations of these.

I enjoy writing about my music here, but also it’s beneficial to add some info that I believe in. What I think would potentially serve humanity, and the human condition. To help another but to also remind myself of the perspective that comfort is the nemesis. It is a cliché but it’s based on reality.

You wake up in the early morning, did you get a “good” sleep? Did you sleep a solid 8hrs? Did you wake up in the middle of the might mulling over the random thoughts bursting and churning in your mind?

Did you have an alcohol heavy night before? Did you over eat at dinner? When you wake up in the morning do you take a cold shower because you know the benefits override the slight discomfort?

Do you have yourself a well balanced diet? Do you reap the benefits of an intermittent fast – weekly? Monthly? Do you lose track of time by mindlessly surfing the internet. Once you’re through with breakfast will you work out?

Will you workout diligently to a deep exhaustion or trail, and ship and agonize and complain over the work load. Will your reps be fast to get it over with or will you get down and dirty. Or workout slow to find yourself upon the transcendent rep. You have to explore yourself. Test what you are made of.

There is always a struggle to overcome. But once it’s over, it can be gotten over with again. And you gain a new momentum to achieve.

Table Metaphor

We always can find the right answer for anybody else. But as soon as we lose the momentum of discipline we struggle to bring it up again in ourselves. We must remember that excellence is a habit as Aristotle would say. I’ve come to understand the building of momentum like this:

Envision a table of four legs, each leg or pillar is a facet of discipline you must maintain (Eating right, exercising, achieving career goals, reading, meditating, or what have you.) When you lose a pillar the discipline and confidence plummets, it crumbles like dominoes.

But if you stay comfortable on the path you won’t be able to grow more legs under that table, giving it ornaments. The legs will atrophy and disintegrate like muscle. The more things you can get on a roll the more confident in your achievements and the more energy you get out of it to move onto the next goal.

I’m always willing to help people if they have some kind of fitness goal and they can ask me questions that I feel I can answer. But sometimes people don’t start for many reasons, as I said, one of those reasons stated is momentum.

People do get into a momentum of living. There is a sense of comfort in it. How can that cycle, that wave the ‘daily,’ ‘the regular’, ‘the grind’ be eliminated? I look to philosophers for the answer to this question.

‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’ Socrates

Build on the new – that’s it! By building on the new, the old should subside. It will no longer be the “regular” it’s so simple, that you will say “Well, of course you idiot!” But know that the value of understanding this quote will arise greatly to degree you do achieve and build upon the new.

Conscious Suffering and Conscious Labor

Gurdjieff had a way of living that he called “Conscious suffering” and “Conscious labor” These are just means to which to get out of the habit of your daily life.

Conscious Labor is an action where the person who is performing the act is present to what he is doing; not absentminded. At the same time he is striving to perform the act more efficiently.

Intentional suffering is the act of struggling against automatism such as daydreaming, pleasure, food (eating for reasons other than real hunger), etc… In Gurdjieff’s book Beelzebub’s Tales he states that “the greatest ‘intentional suffering’ can be obtained in our presences by compelling ourselves to endure the displeasing manifestations of others toward ourselves”

Another way to keep ourselves present and out of set patterns would be to do activities differently in a more efficient or in a way that you must adapt.

I think this parallels with the idea of getting outside of the comfort zone. You want to do this for a few reasons. First, you will become more conscious of yourself and be in the moment, ie. not being a robot. Secondly, you will remove yourself from comfort very quickly.

My Dinner With Andre

This idea is also found in one of my favourite Philosophical movies My Dinner With Andre. Here we have an interaction where Wallace and Andre are explaining how one gets out of an unconscious, comfortable, habit filled life. Andre is so smug, he’s amusing. But the film is profound, check it out:

“If you are eating out of habit, you don’t taste the food, you are not conscious of the reality of what’s happening. You’re in a dream world again.” My Dinner With Andre

Living more consciously we can get out of a hole, the momentum of the daily grind. Then we can build on our habits and redefine ourselves.

Escape the fantasy. Escape the dream world. Live consciously and get uncomfortable.

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