Klomb Remix – Oculus Obelisk – (Solitary Signal Remix) – Psytrance

I forgot to share this remix from last year.

This is a remix created by a fellow Canadian from the West Coast, Solitary Signal.

He asked me if he could remix a track of mine. And when he told me his idea, he said he wanted to do something “Juno Reactor” like, I instantly gave him the go-ahead and I hooked him up with some stems (tracks) of my Klomb song titled, “Oculus Obelisk.”

Remix Originally Released: August 11, 2014

What I like about the track is that has a solid psytrance influence, very similar to Juno Reactor of the 90’s. The rhythms are quite tribal. While there is still a lot of original elements of the song mingling in with the acid leads and other unique synthesis.

I really think he did a fantastic job on the remix. The transitions are so dynamic, psychedelic and on point. I was absolutely thrilled and pleasantly surprised!

Thanks again Solitary Signal!

Original Klomb Material:

“Klomb” is a cosmic paradox of ancient futurism. These are the remnants of a spiritual nomad, a metaphysical journey that were channeled where time periods and space had collided. There are layers on top of one another, as it always has been. Schools of thought, technologies and organisms have intertwined and evolved in life creating there own version of scripture and coding. Transitioning from immaterial to material, from nothingness, from dimension to dimension. All of this was recorded in a vacuum of no time, but pure consciousness. Perhaps it is a truth we have experienced once before, yet we have forgotten. Experience this transcendental odyssey again and remember you Klomb.

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