How Physical Activity Can Help Moodiness

Life has it’s ups and downs. People handle it differently and it shows. Some people wallop when they are chased by waves in the storm while, others sail and coast along the wave. There can’t be much separating these kinds of people.

Knowledge is perhaps the leading factor. When I say knowledge I mean knowledge of your self. When you understand yourself you will be better and you will have a positive fulfilling life. It is not enough to understand yourself “In Theory” but also in practice.

How do you react in danger? In times of stress? Or in a challenge. For myself, I have come to discover that physical exertion and activity can easily dislodge loose, shaky emotions; fear, loathing, sadness depression. Before discussing physical activity I would recommend at looking at the way your mind works.

Before physical activity – if you really want to experience negative feeling you can do all to affect yourself mentally. If you look at the contents of your mind, watching yourself, see your pattern of thought in order to inspect what the root of your mood. Uneasiness and discomfort presumably arise from other people but you are in control of your emotions and you can change this, solely by yourself.

It’s been well documented that physical activity can produce a natural high. Why do people say this? Well, it’s known as the runner’s high. It’s been associated with our levels of endorphins under aerobic activity and can even reduce the effects of depression. These endorphins make us feel good. And this is just one aspect!

Another way which physical activity will improve your mood is that increases testosterone in men. With that said, the hormone effects many aspects your body. It decreases as a man ages but it’s also been in a general decline in recent history, which is why I believe physical activity to be crucial, specifically weight-lift training. It’s imperative.

Testosterone has been found to have decreased in record over years in the human population.

During the past two decades, testosterone levels in American men have rapidly declined.This information comes from a long-term prospective study that evaluated changes in serum testosterone on a population-wide basis.

The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. That’s right your grandparent’s probably had more testosterone than you. It is emasculating to understand this, that we are potentially worse off because of the junk foods we consume, the our toxic environments and the lethargic populous our ancestors never lived in. The cards are stacked against the average Joe.

When the younger generation levels should supersede the generations of the past it is clear that we are regressing in this regard.

If this doesn’t concern you as a man, at all, can you tell me why? Something that can raise your quality of life should be paid some attention and care. It can potentially affect every aspect of your life.

Testosterone is known as the male hormone. It is remarkable to me that this hormone has been most commonly vilified and demonized in media when it is actually the spark of man. A solid exercise root routine can enhance your testosterone for the better. It will improve your mood and focus.

Apart from diet, vitamins and supplementation, exercise will definitely optimize testosterone.

When I finish an intense, rigorous exercise I don’t feel as emotional or attached to thoughts.

To me it feels as invigorating as meditating – very similar benefits.

Show me a person that regret their vigorous exercise and I’ll show you a liar. (Save for the injured! )

Sometimes you don’t want to lift hard and heavy in the beginning but the lifting slowly dissolves those feelings once you get acclimated and adjusted to it – funny how it works.

Consistency will get you closer to your goals.

I lift hard and heavy and it extinguishes any moodiness or petty concerns immediately out of me. I feel in a tremendous mood and that I can get on with the day.

Aspire above mediocrity.

Until next time!


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